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Colorado IMC: state of Colorado passes resolution against the Patriot Act; latest on Denver 3; protest against Donkey Den

The American Civil Liberties Union today applauded the state of Colorado for passing a bipartisan resolution calling on Congress to bring the controversial Patriot Act in line with the Constitution. Colorado becomes the seventh state, and joins at least 382 other communities that have passed such resolutions. A similar resolution recently passed the Idaho state legislature.
"Nationwide, millions of Americans live in communities that have stood up and demanded that Congress bring the Patriot Act in line with the Constitution," said Lisa Graves, ACLU Senior Counsel for Legislative Strategy and a native Coloradoan.
"Today, the citizens of the Centennial State join other concerned Americans from across the country who are rightly concerned about the rising use of 'sneak and peek' searches, the overly broad reach of the Act, and the expanded power to obtain virtually unchecked secret orders to search our library, medical and financial records."
The Colorado state senate passed the resolution by a vote of 32 to 2. The House of Representatives approved the measure by a vote of 39 to 29. The Colorado resolution follows similar statewide measures in Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Montana and Idaho. Several other state legislatures are considering comparable measures. Most urge Congress to revisit the Patriot Act, the 2001 anti-terrorism law passed in haste only a few weeks after the attacks of 9/11, and try to prevent local authorities from engaging in racial profiling and other civil liberties abuses.
Specifically, the Colorado resolution calls on Congress to amend Patriot Act powers that "infringe on civil rights and liberties" and to oppose "the enactment of future federal legislation that infringes on civil rights and liberties." The ACLU has called on Congress to enact the Safe Act, a bipartisan measure that would make carefully calibrated changes to the Patriot Act to bring it back in line with the Constitution.
The Colorado resolution puts the tally of communities that have passed such resolutions at 383, encompassing almost 61 million Americans in 43 states. The list is diverse, encompassing large cities like New York and Los Angeles, and small towns like Castle Valley, Utah. The political makeup of the movement is also quite mixed, with many conservative-led resolutions reflecting the broad right-wing libertarian discontent with the Bush administration's civil liberties policies."
Congress is now reviewing the Patriot Act, examining how to ensure that law enforcement has the tools they need while protecting our fundamental civil liberties," Graves said. "We already know that the Patriot Act has been abused and misused, and that some secret search powers are being used to investigate American citizens who have absolutely no connection to terrorism at all. Critics from across the political spectrum, from the ACLU to the American Conservative Union, join Colorado and the nearly 60 million Americans who have demanded that we both safe and free."
To read the text of the Colorado resolution, go to:
More information about the resolutions movement is online at:

The above is an ACLU statement that is posted at Colorado IMC. I'm noting that because this is an issue that is important to me. Way to go, Colorado. A lot of hard work goes into getting a municipality to pass a resoultion against the Patriot Act, the people of Colorado must have worked very hard to get their state informed and on board for this issue. Applause and praise to them.

"Denver Three appeal denial of data by Secret Service" is a post of a story that ran in the Denver Post. Here's the first paragraph:

The "Denver Three" are appealing a decision by the U.S. Secret Service not to hand over information about the man who booted them out of a presidential visit to Denver on March 21.

We'll note Glen Newell's "Donkey Den Sells Sexual Abuse" in full:

An announcment about a protest against a new local club that profits from the abuse of women and girls.
The next action is scheduled for Saturday June 11 at 10pm. We'll be meeting at 1109 Lincoln Street in Denver to protest and hand out flyers with information on sexual assault and the boycott. I hope to see you there. Thank you.
Forwarded from Jason Bosch, ArgusFest films (

I want to tell you about a new club that just opened in Denver that is blatantly mocking violence and sex crimes against women and girls. Please boycott this establishment.
The Donkey Den is a bar and restaurant located in downtown Denver, which bills itself as "Tijuana Colorado".
A Tijuana "donkey den" refers to a brothel where men pay to see women have sex with animals. Such places also participate in the sexual slavery of girls (some as young as 8).
The Donkey Den's menu includes "Ho-Made Fries" and "Donkey Punch" burgers. The Encyclopedia of Sex defines a Donkey Punch as follows:"Donkey Punch (verb) During doggystyle sexual activity, a man punches his female partner as hard as he can in the back of the skull right before he reaches climax. This causes her to convulse and tighten every cavity. Such a punch is also an illegal boxing move that can cause serious and permanent injury to the brain stem."
A "Donkey Punch" is not a sex act, it is violence!
We ask that you join in boycotting the Donkey Den to show the owner that our community does not support this type of marketing.
For more information, please visit If you support this effort, please visit our site, and add yourself to our list of supporters.
The next action is scheduled for Saturday June 11 at 10pm. We'll be meeting at 1109 Lincoln Street in Denver to protest and hand out flyers with information on sexual assault and the boycott. Hope to see you there. Thank you.

Colorado IMC also notes the Allied Media Conference (June 17-19; Bowling Green, OH):

Organized by Clamor Magazine and Allied Media Projects, the 7th Annual Allied Media Conference is the largest gathering of grassroots media makers from all across the country, and it convenes at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. The conference features hands-on workshops (from marketing to investigative reporting), group discussions (on topics like hip hop organizing and media justice), film screenings, artist presentations, a large exhibition hall to share our work (displaying the finest alternative media from around the country), and a whole day for educators to learn how to use independent media in the classroom. Set in a small, Midwest town, it's also a space to strengthen our community, meet new people, and enjoy each other's company. For a complete schedule of sessions and on-line registration, please visit: addition to the almost 40 sessions, the conference also features:-a live acoustic show featuring Casey Neill, Joe Jencks, and Rob Williams-The Independent For Life Music Fest featuring the Plan-It-X Records fest, Bulletteeth, Stylex, and Aloha.-the infamous AMC bowling party-an after hours hip hop partyFeel free to pass around a link to the e-flyer at:
Or, download our PDF flyer to post around town at:
Any questions, please write us at amc (at)

Indymedia is something we support in this community. Obviously Indymedia as a collective is under repeated attacks. Colorado IMC was hacked awhile back and we noted it here. A number of e-mails have expressed their anger about the hacking and the feeling in the community is that we should highlight Colorado IMC by itself for the next few weeks. I fully support that. They were not the only IMC site hacked. We support all the IMC sites. But obviously time and attention doesn't permit focusing on every IMC site. Cedric asked, "Could we just adopt them for a spotlight for the next few weeks? Just to show support?" Absolutely.
We'll do that this month each Thursday. They'll get their own entry here where we'll note some items that are up.

This isn't to suggest that we don't support the others but Colorado IMC's hacking happened to be the first hack we noted here. And we noted the site each week as we waited to see if it would be back up. Because of the offensive nature of the hack and the fact that we did focus on it, the community is rooting for Colorado IMC and curious about it. So each Thursday this month, we'll continue to give them their own entry.

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