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Were 2 US service members killed by a third?

In less than a week, 'Operation New Dawn' has claimed the lives of at least 3 US military service members. Yesterday's snapshot noted: "Saturday's news noted that Marc Whisenart was killed in Kuwait while on his second tour of duty in the Iraq War. Middletown Press reports Pfc Gebrah P. Noonan died Thursday in Falluja and that Governor Jodi Rell has ordered that state flags be lowered on Noonan's behalf. Friday USF announced: 'CAMP LIBERTY – Two United States Forces - Iraq service members died of injuries sustained in a non-combat-related incident today. One other service member was injured and evacuated to a military medical facility for treatment'." That's three. And correction, it's Marc "Whisenant." My apologies. Whisenant's death is announced by DoD here. Noonan's death is covered in this DoD announcement:

The Department of Defense announced today the deaths of two soldiers who were supporting Operation New Dawn.
They died Sept. 24 in Fallujah, Iraq, of injuries sustained Sept. 23 in a non-combat incident. They were assigned to 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga.
Killed were:
Spc. John Carrillo Jr., 20, of Stockton, Calif.
Pfc. Gebrah P. Noonan, 26, of Watertown, Conn.
For more information, the media may contact the Fort Stewart public affairs office at 912-435-9879 or 912-435-9874.

So DoD is announcing 3 deaths in 'Operation New Dawn.' And Noonan and Carrillo? Mohammed Tafeeq (CNN) report Spc Neftaly Platero is currently in military custody and suspected of killing Noonan and Carrillo. KCRA (link has text and video) reports:

Desiree Carillos is the mother of one of the victim's, Spc. John Carrillo Jr., 20, of Stockton. Carrillo died Friday of injuries suffered a day earlier in Fallujah, Iraq, the U.S. Department of Defense announced on Monday. Carrillo said military only told them of her son's death at 1 a.m. Friday and did not tell them he was possibly killed by another soldier. Family members told KCRA they learned of the details surrounding death on Monday.
"It was very devastating to find out he was shot by a fellow soldier. (It) is unbelievable. The military should be embarrassed," said Desiree Carrillo.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office issued the following:

Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Death of Stockton Soldier Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued the following statement regarding the death of Spc. John Carrillo Jr. of Stockton:
"Maria and I were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Specialist John Carrillo Junior. He was a brave soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country, and we join all Californians in remembering his courage and commitment. Our thoughts and prayers are with John’s family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time."
Carrillo, 20, died September 24 in Fallujah, Iraq, of injuries sustained September 23 in a non-combat incident. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, GA.
In honor of Spc. Carrillo, Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff.

Turning to the ego that knows no bounds, he justifies the Afghanistan War with the following:

When I was campaigning, I was very specific. I said, "We are going to end the war in Iraq, that was a mistake," and I have done that.

That's the overexposed dandy Barack, back on the cover of Rolling Stone where Jann S. Wenner let's him get away with lying repeatedly. Jann fawns over him as he lies about the Iraq War -- it has not ended -- Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Guantanamo and so much more.

"Flirt, Hand Job or Blow"? That's the game that's been played for years when some light weight male gets soft coverage like Barack does. Meaning: Did he flirt with Jann, did he let Jann give him a hand job or did he let Jann blow him? (Even the most ambitious male celebrities rarely went down on Jann.) The embarrassing interview with Barack means all of us who know Jann are again playing the game today.

And I'm being kind. Don't Ask Don't Tell? That's the policy Jann lived under for how many decades? No, he didn't just 'turn' gay one day in the 90s. And at some point, not only will Jann have to answer about that, he'll have to answer about the homophobia he long allowed his magazine to promote.

We should also wonder how far along the gay community would be in this country if people like Jann hadn't spent so long consumed with self-hatred and imposing that self-hatred on the world at large via their publications. There was never any excuse for Rolling Stone to promote homophobia but, for years, it did. (Including in the last ten years -- remember it was RS that promoted the false 'trend' story of 'bug chasers.')

Last spring the American Urological Association released the following:

LINTHICUM, MD, April 29, 2010—The American Urological Association (AUA) is pleased to announce its support for newly introduced legislation designed to address urotrauma, a growing concern among active military personnel and veterans. The bill, H.R. 5106, which would direct the U.S. Secretary of Defense to establish a commission on urotrauma, was formally introduced by Congressman Zack Space (D-OH-18) and Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH-1) on April 21, 2010. The AUA authored the legislation.

Urotrauma is a significant issue, particularly among active military populations. Improvised explosive devices (IEDs), when detonated, can cause severe trauma to the sexual organs and genitourinary system. Additionally, the heavy weight of armor and gear can cause strain to the abdominal muscles over time, which can ultimately impact urinary function, leading at times to pelvic prolapse.

H.R. 5106 would establish an Interagency Commission, led by the U.S. Department of Defense, to investigate and advise on the research and action needed to advance this increasingly essential field. The urotrauma legislation includes the following key provisions:

  • Creation of “The National Commission on Urotrauma,” which will conduct a comprehensive study of the present state of knowledge and research on urotrauma, evaluate existing education and research resources, and identify knowledge and programmatic gaps.
  • A long-range plan, based on the Commission’s comprehensive study, for the use and organization of national resources to effectively deal with urotrauma, including: 1) researching innovations in the care and treatment of persons affected by urotrauma, 2) identifying ways to prevent or minimize these types of injuries, and 3) improving education and training to medical personnel caring for these individuals and to the general public.

“This bill highlights the importance of urotrauma research and treatment, and specifically addresses the medical needs our young military service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan,” said AUA spokesperson Steven M. Schlossberg, MD, MBA. “Moreover, H.R. 5106 emphasizes the importance of urologic diseases and the federal government’s role in helping to promote the best quality patient care to our military.”

“We are thankful to Representative Space and Representative Shea-Porter for bringing the issue of urotrauma to the attention of federal leaders,” he added.

For more information about the urotrauma legislation, please contact AUA Communications at 410-689-3932 or communications@AUAnet.org. The following spokespeople are also available for interviews:

  • Beth Kosiak, PhD, AUA associate executive director of health policy

About the American Urological Association: Founded in 1902 and headquartered near Baltimore, Maryland, the American Urological Association is the pre-eminent professional organization for urologists, with more than 16,000 members throughout the world. An educational nonprofit organization, the AUA pursues its mission of fostering the highest standards of urologic care by carrying out a wide variety of programs for members and their patients.

Today Holly Ramer (AP) notes that the bill continues to sit and that people like Iraq War veteran Lance Cpl James Crosby is among those who could have immediately benefited from such a program when he was injured.

The following community sites -- plus LAT -- updated last night:

We'll close with this from Sherwood Ross' "DARK CURTAIN OF TOTALITARIANISM DESCENDING ON THE UNITED STATES" (War Is A Crime):

You might give the FBI the benefit of the doubt that it had some incriminating evidence when it raided the homes of eight antiwar activists in Minneapolis and Chicago September 24th except for the fact that its past record in such cases is stinko. The F.B.I. broke down Mick Kelly's door around 7 a.m., and it wasn't to get an early cup of coffee from a man employed as a food service worker at the University of Minnesota. The agents were probing to see if the occupants of any of the homes they burst into were supporting “terror organizations.” Uncle Sam here might be a trifle jealous of private citizens' backing violent entities when it has always assumed it had a superpower's exclusive franchise to fund violence. The Midwest raids are correctly seen as “a U.S. government attempt to silence those who support resistance to oppression and violence in the Middle East and Latin America,” by the International Action Center of New York, an anti-militarist group. Kelly, after all, was a key figure in organizing the successful 2008 anti-war street protests that embarrassed the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. In today's America, standing up for peace automatically makes you a terror suspect.
Concerning the FBI's record of past transgressions, the Chicago Tribune reported Sept. 21, “FBI agents improperly opened investigations into Greenpeace and several other domestic advocacy groups after the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, and put the names of some members on terrorist watch lists based on evidence that turned out to be 'factually weak,' the Justice Department said Monday.” The evidence against the 1-million other Americans on the no-fly lists likely is equally flimsy. Last year, Justice Department's own Inspector General(IG) found many subjects of closed FBI investigations “were not taken off the list in a timely manner, and tens of thousands of names were placed on the list without appropriate basis,” the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reported. And The Tribune added that an internal review by the IG concluded that the FBI was guilty of improprieties but did not purposely target the groups or their members. (See, it wasn't on purpose. The FBI just makes tens of thousands of mistakes with other people's lives and reputations.)
The travails of Mick Kelly increasingly are being repeated across the U.S. against many others in a variety of unconstitutional ways, according to a review of President Obama's first 18 months in office by the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU), which fears Obama is “normalizing” some of the egregious practices of predecessor George W. (“The Invader”) Bush. There is a very “real danger,” the ACLU says, Obama “will enshrine permanently within the law policies and practices that were widely considered extreme and unlawful” during the Bush regime. These include denying the very rights of torture victims to bring suit in the U.S. Court, the refusal to release torture photos and refusing to prosecute the torturers, plus keeping secret the records of his predecessor's policies on rendition, detention and interrogation. Like any odious dictator of the past, Obama claims he can hold 48 Guantanamo detainees indefinitely without charge or trial; and that, like Russia's Joseph Stalin who had rival Leon Trotsky assassinated in Mexico, he can reach out and kill any of his citizens anywhere in the world without trial.
Obama's regime has manufactured “kill lists” of suspected terrorists, including U.S. citizens, he claims he can eradicate with impunity. The creation of these lists, as far as we know, is done without judicial review, totally in secret. As the ACLU points out, “Such a program of long-premeditated and bureaucratized killing is plainly not limited to targeting genuinely imminent threats.” It is “far more sweeping than the law allows and raises grave constitutional and human rights concerns. As applied to U.S. citizens, it is a grave violation of the constitutional guarantee of due process.” The ACLU further notes over the past eight years the U.S. has repeatedly detained persons as “terrorists” only to discover later the evidence was “weak, wrong, or non-existent.” The very idea of killing terror “suspects,” therefore, is chilling.

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