Thursday, December 26, 2013

The White House is arming Iraq, not the US

Have you seen the lies today?

The Voice of Russia states, ""The United States is sending dozens of missiles and surveillance drones to Iraq to help government forces combat an explosion of violence by al-Qaida-backed insurgency that is gaining territory in both western Iraq and neighboring Syria."  This is echoed by The NewsHour (PBS), "The U.S. is "quietly" sending dozens of Hellfire missiles and surveillance drones to Iraq, in hopes the government can quell an al-Qaeda insurgency."  Noah Rayman (Time magazine) parrots, "The United States is supplying Iraq with arms and surveillance technology to combat al-Qaeda-backed insurgents amid worsening violence, the New York Times reported Thursday, two years after the last American combat troops left the country."  AFP runs with, "The United States is sending Iraq dozens of missiles and surveillance drones to help it combat a recent surge in al-Qaida-backed violence, the New York Times reported Thursday.  The weapons include a shipment of 75 Hellfire missiles purchased by Iraq, which Washington delivered to the country last week, the Times reported."

So where's this stupidity passed off as reporting coming from?

We are aware that it's not true that the United States is doing this and that it's not even true that the United States government is doing this?

Or are we all as stupid as the reporters?

Michael R. Gordon and Eric Schmitt (New York Times) are responsible for the stupidity.  Their article opens with "US government" but does get more precise later on.

Reality, the US government did not arm the contras in Nicaragua, the White House did.

The White House -- then or now -- is not the US government.   It represents the head of one branch of the government.

The Congress represents the head of another branch.

How stupid are today's reporters that they can't even remember the last week of October and Congress' objections to arming Nouri?

Gordon and Schmitt are speaking to administration officials about what the White House is doing.

But apparently the entire press feels the need to be less than precise in order to cover for Baby Barack.  Five years as president and the press still can't assign him ownership of his actions.

The Congress hasn't signed off on this decision and heaven knows the American people weren't involved because this is the most secretive (and subversive) White House the nation has ever seen.

So don't whore and say "the United States is sending .  . ."  The White House is doing so and doing so without going through channels or making the public announcements required by law.

Yeah, that's the other thing you tricked whores forgot:   The law.

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