Monday, January 04, 2016

Why is Chris Cuomo on TV (it's not because of looks and it's not because of brains)

So my neighbor Sylvia.  I don't really have a problem with her.

In fact, I mainly ignore her.

But, if pressed, I will say a few good things about her.

Up and until her husband Don starts yammering on about how Sylvia is this and Sylvia is that.

And that's about the time I start thinking, "Well, let's see.  She starts drinking at three and has passed out by ten every night . . ."

I don't have a neighbor Sylvia but thought of the above while watching Chris Cuomo try to play (a) a journalist and (b) photogenic on CNN this morning.

Donald Trump was on and Chris was not asking about why he feels Bill Clinton is not the positive to Hillary Clinton's campaign that Hillary insists he is.

Instead, Chris was over the line as always.

And why is he allowed to do that?

He's butt ugly, so why is he even on TV?


Find a woman on CNN these days who does not look like she's skipped at least two meals today.

You can't.

But butt ugly Chris is on CNN as an anchor of a morning show.

ABC employed him because of his family connections.  But even they were too smart to serve him up as an anchor.

Donald Trump does not believe Bill Clinton is effective for Hillary's campaign.

Why is that so hard to grasp?

I remember Rosie O'Donnell's profanity laced comedy monologue about Hillary and what a betrayal it was that she stayed married to Bill, how she supported Hillary's Senate run because she just knew Hillary would leave Bill . . . blah, blah, blah.

Bill Clinton is repeatedly accused of coming on to women.

Bill Clinton is repeatedly accused of inappropriate behavior.

Hillary surrounds herself with people like that.

It's why the peen picture texter's wife is still in her campaign when that woman should have been kicked to the curb long ago.

Or take Iraq.

Were it not for some Democratic (female) senators (and one male one), Brett McGurk would have been named Ambassador to Iraq.

Hillary was fighting for Brett to get that post.

Married Brett who went to Iraq and had an affair with married Gina Chon.

And as this became a big deal -- as it should have (she allowed Bush administration lackey Brett to vet her copy for THE WALL ST. JOURNAL -- which is why the paper fired her, and, yes, they did fire her) -- Hillary was still on board.

Even though it would put up a wall between Iraqi women and the US Embassy in Baghdad.

In the religious culture of Iraq, what Brett did was outrageous.

And an Iraqi woman would be suspect for visiting the Embassy.

Again, Hillary didn't give a damn.

Hillary repeatedly insists that she's a defender of women.

And now she's bringing 'secret weapon' Bill Clinton to boost her campaign.

Trump brought up that Bill was impeached.

How f**king stupid is Cuomo?

He fires back that the Senate didn't follow through.

Who the hell cares?

He was impeached.

That's what the House does.

And this is an issue because we need to be asking ourselves if, as a country, we are willing to go through that again?

Bill Clinton stupidly risked everything because he couldn't maintain his private life -- either by refusing to cheat or by cheating smartly (with someone who wouldn't kiss it and then tell it and keep the jizz-stained dress).

For Cuomo to act like that was nothing is insane.

I have said -- and continue to believe -- that Bill should not have been impeached over an affair.

That is my opinion.

I stand by it.

The reality is that he was impeached over an affair (over lying about an affair).

The reality is that his behavior then was an issue and could be an issue if she were elected president.

He is not off limits.

Not only is he an adult, he is a former sitting president.

He is fair game.

The impeachment crippled him in the remainder of his second term.

These are realities that the United States had to live with.

I'm sorry that they are realities that are beyond Chris Cuomo.

Chris took the attitude that Donald Trump supported Bill when it was good for his business to do so.

A better reality is that Donald Trump supported Bill until Bill's wife repeatedly attacked him as a sexist.

Donald Trump is a sexist.

He doesn't think so, but he is.

Hillary's right to attack him for that.

But when she starts presenting Bill as a friend of women?

She's created the shaky ground she's standing on, not Donald Trump.

And Chris Cuomo might want to get a staffer to research how many hours CNN devoted to Bill Clinton's impeachment before Cuomo next dismisses it as no big deal.

It was a national scandal.

Abbas al-Ani (AFP) reports that, in Iraq today, two Sunni mosques have been bombed.

The bombings are seen as possible retaliation for Saudi Arabia executing a Shi'ite cleric.

No one knows if that's the case at present.

But if it turns out to be the case, maybe the media -- and the White House -- can take a hard look at their own actions?

The media has run with the drama of 'Iraq upset over execution!'  While failing to note the reality that some Iraqi Shi'ites were upset that a Shi'ite had been executed.

A little perspective -- such as noting that post-invasion Iraq has seen itself become the first, second or third ranked country each year for the most executions -- might have dampened some of the outrage.

The White House, in its idiotic way, rushed forward to insist that the execution might result in sectarian tensions.

Might it?

That would be the same White House that said nothing publicly as Sunnis were targeted for execution.  The same White House that looked the other way repeatedly as torture resulted in 'confessions.'

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