Sunday, January 22, 2017

Now some are appalled? Now?

Why do we have to live in a world with dumb asses who are so dumb they don't realize their own stupidity?

Trump told "we should've kept Iraq's oil", & suggested "maybe we have a chance to take it now". Would be hangable Nuremberg war crimes.

First off, it was most likely a joke.

Donald Trump is rich and has had his ass kissed forever.

The flunkies working under him knew to laugh at all his jokes.

One of the biggest shocks he'd endured in the last year or so is that his humor isn't funny.

So let's not get bent out of shape by what was an aside he thought would provoke jokes.

More importantly, "hangable Nuremberg war crimes"?

You f**king idiot, C.J. Jones.

I have no respect for you at all.

You are beyond stupid.

The joke -- that you're convinced isn't -- is not all that different from what Donald Rumsfeld said ahead of and in the early days of the ongoing Iraq War.

And it's not a Nuremberg War Crime.

They have taken place in Iraq.

That includes under Barack.

Democratic Senator Bob Mendendez was rightly alarmed by the White House decision to continue to arm Nouri al-Maliki despite the evidence that Nouri was persecuting the Sunnis, terrorizing them.

War Crimes continue in Iraq.

Stealing resources is about empire.

It's ugly, undemocratic and shouldn't happen.

But let's not confuse it with War Crimes just because a drama queen feels the need to Twitter.

👉🏾* should you propose sending men & women to Iraq to steal its oil, Americans will fight like wildfire to honor & protect our troops.

Good for you, little Jeffy.

The fact that US troops are fighting in Iraq currently doesn't cause you to honor or protect them?

The fact that the Iraq War continues doesn't require little Jeffy to do anything?

Well that explains why in all of his years working he's never become a star.

Of course, we're not all as idiotic as little Jeffy.

  1. As liberals mourn Obama, US-led strikes kill 450 in Iraq, Syria.

Many of us were protesting war and imperialism.

We didn't take a break because Bully Boy Bush was evicted from the White House in January 2009.

No, we kept protesting.

Because lives were at stake.

All the useless pretended otherwise for the last 8 years.

Now you're scared?

Now you're worried?

Well you've had the comfort that the rest of the world didn't for the last eight years so forgive the rest of us if we don't give a damn that your pampered asses are now soiling your panties and bvds in fear.

Forgive us if we can't work any sympathy up for you.

Shishi Rose told PASTE:

I have to do what I can do, and that was regardless of Trump winning or not. And honestly, Trump needed to win. If Hillary had won, all of these people that are so ready to be activists and to do all of these things, they wouldn't be doing any of this. They would've been doing exactly what they did after Obama won, which was nothing.
So, unfortunately for all those people to realize they needed to step up and do something, things needed to look like this. The rest of us have seen what this world has looked like because we've been inside of it and have been affected by all of the insidious parts of the bigotry and the hatred that exists in it, but the rest couldn't see it.

And she's probably right.

The Iraq War continues.

What might have happened if the last 3 years had seen the White House spend $11 billion improving the cities around America?

Instead?  Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) reports:

Two and a half years in and with no end in sight, the cost of the US air war against ISIS continues to rise, with the Pentagon now saying the total cost is around $11 billion, a figure which only includes the direct costs of the military operation, and not the substantial additional costs associated with the conflict.
22% of the cost, or about $2.5 billion, was just the cost of the bombs the US dropped on Iraq and Syria in the course of the war. The rest of the cost included the substant5ial cost of keeping the planes in the air throughout that period, and providing logistics for the protracted air war.

ST. PETE FOR PEACE notes Barack did the following:

The world has lived in terror while Ashley Judd, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and so many others did nothing -- didn't even have the guts to speak up.

(Yes, I know Jane took a swipe at Barack in Canada.  Somehow that didn't get reported.  But she was doing it to insult their prime minister and she didn't name Barack which I found especially cowardly.)

The War Crimes in Iraq continue.

  1. Iraqi army crimes عاجل الجيش الشيعي الارهابي يخطف العوائل العراقيه السنيه من الموصل ويضعهم بالكرفانات ويعذبهم ويقتلهم انها المحرقه هلكوست
  2. Iraqi Sunnis civilians Brutally tortured by Sectarian Iraqi army in Where media  ?????  

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