Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Some Tweets from Elizabeth Warren

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    We need a to fight the climate crisis—and we need a to protect and restore our oceans so they are a part of our climate solution, and so we can rebuild our blue economy. Read my plan for a :
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    Our oceans are in crisis—but if we protect and restore them, they can be a crucial part of the climate solution. Do you have any questions about ’s plan for a ? Submit your questions to marine biologist Dr. .
  • Héctor Figueroa was a beloved leader for and all working people. It’s only fitting that his legacy live on through the Héctor Figueroa School.
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    .'s would also: ✅fast-track American-made, union-built offshore renewable energy while ❌stopping all offshore drilling ✅invest in regenerative ocean farming ✅electrify all shipping ports ✅protect wetlands
  • Climate change is an existential threat—and our coastal communities are particularly at risk as sea levels rise and storms get stronger and more destructive. The ocean must be a part of the climate solution. That's why I've got a plan for a .
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    We need a president who will take bold action to save our planet from the climate crisis. Once again, has a plan for that.
  • . and their network do transformative work around housing affordability, fighting climate change, and advocating for economic justice. I'll keep fighting alongside you for the big, structural change our country needs.
  • I'm heartsick for the family and friends of the victims in Jersey City. Gun violence is terrifying our communities. We shouldn't have to live like this.
  • Children are dying in CBP custody due to the flu. Refusing to administer flu vaccines is neglectful and cruel. I'll end the unnecessary detention of children and families—and enforce strict standards for medical care for anyone in our care.
  • Facebook is allowing entities to target misleading and false ads about HIV prevention drugs to LGBTQ+ communities and others. This can have serious public health consequences. Facebook needs to put the safety of its users above its own advertising profits.
  • 71 years ago, Eleanor Roosevelt led the world in adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On International Human Rights Day, we recommit to an America that advocates for justice, protects the rights of all people, and lives up to its values—at home and abroad.
  • The future of our planet depends on healthy oceans—and we don’t have time to waste. We need a to protect and restore our oceans and make them a part of the climate solution.
  • Thank you, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, I’m so grateful for your work on our !
  • Targeting Black and Latinx commuters only further erodes the trust between law enforcement and their communities. If we’re serious about criminal justice reform, we must move towards a system that protects its communities instead of preying on them.
  • Starting on day one of my presidency, I’ll take bold action to fight climate change. That includes harnessing the power of our oceans to be a key part of our solution to the climate crisis. The future of our planet depends on healthy oceans—and we don’t have time to waste.
  • Finally, we must mitigate the damage that has already been done as a result of climate change—and prepare for sea level rise, droughts, and extreme weather events. Disaster assistance must be distributed equitably, and we must ensure that everyone gets the help they need.
  • On day one of my presidency, I'll end all new fossil fuel leases offshore and on public lands—and phase out all existing offshore drilling. I'm committed to leaving no worker behind as we transition to clean energy, and will focus on transitioning workers to offshore wind energy.
  • I’ll work to reduce marine plastic pollution and ocean trash. And I'll hold Big Ag accountable for polluting our oceans and waterways, which has exacerbated toxic algal blooms, harmed marine life, and contaminated our drinking water.
  • Coastal and marine habitats are our best natural defense system in the fight against climate change, storing more carbon than tropical forests and acting as cheaper and more effective sea walls. My administration will restore marine ecosystems and expand marine protected areas.
  • As we transition our economy to 100% clean energy, my administration will prioritize offshore renewable energy. I'll fight to fully restore America's fish stocks—supporting up to 500k additional jobs—and invest in regenerative ocean farming that will help fight climate change.
  • Climate change has pushed our oceans to the brink. By restoring our oceans and rebuilding our blue economy, we can create good, high-paying union jobs, protect a crucial source of food, and fight climate change.
  • I called Madeline, a grassroots donor who is studying to be a high school Social Studies teacher! We talked about the role of big money in our elections—and how my can ensure that every kid gets a high-quality public education.
  • Last night's town hall in Charleston, South Carolina, was something special. This is how we're going to win—together.
    Elizabeth Warren walks onstage at the Charleston town hall.
    An audience member asks Elizabeth Warren a question at the Charleston town hall.
    Elizabeth Warren hugs an audience member at the Charleston town hall.
    Elizabeth Warren takes a photo with a supporter at the Charleston town hall.
  • Donald Trump's anti-Semitic comments aren't just repugnant—they're dangerous. People with hateful ideologies feel empowered by him, and we see the consequences in the surge of anti-Semitic incidents following his election. We must fight the bigotry he promotes and enables.
  • Senate Republicans stole a Supreme Court seat to cement an anti-choice majority on the Court—and we’re seeing the consequences. We need new federal laws and oversight to protect abortion rights no matter what the Court does, and I've got a plan for that.
  • I'm going to fight to ensure that everyone gets the full health coverage they need, including mental health care, under . But people like Olivia will make all the difference to ending the stigma around mental illness—and I'll be fighting alongside them.
  • Marvin Miller revolutionized baseball by leading the players’ union and helping players gain crucial rights. His recognition by the Baseball Hall of Fame is long overdue!
  • From New Hampshire to Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, and beyond—we're building a grassroots movement for big, structural change together.
    Elizabeth Warren takes the stage at the Rochester town hall.
    The audience cheers Elizabeth Warren at the Rochester town hall.
    Elizabeth Warren greets a young girl at the Rochester town hall.
  • Paul Volcker fought to rein in Wall Street banks making risky financial bets, and we sat together as the Volcker Rule was signed into law as part of Dodd-Frank. My heart goes out to his friends and family.
  • No working strategy—and no transparency. The war in Afghanistan is the longest armed conflict in U.S. history, costing the lives of thousands of U.S. service members and Afghan civilians. It’s time to bring our troops home.
  • I promise to fight for your family as hard as I fight for mine. That's the promise I've made in Rye and across the country.
    Elizabeth Warren walks onstage at the Rye town hall.
    Elizabeth Warren hugs an attendee at the Rye town hall.
    A young girl gives Elizabeth Warren a thumbs up at the Rye town hall.
  • I'm not afraid to stand up to billionaires and corrupt politicians to fight for the big, structural change we need.