Wednesday, June 21, 2017

South Central Michigan Greens Look Forward to 2018 at Monthly Meeting June 24

June 24th, the South Central Michigan Greens will hold their monthly meeting at Jackson Coffee Company:

South Central Michigan Greens
Calhoun, Hillsdale, and Jackson Counties Local
People and planet over profit.

RE-SENT AS A REMINDER:  June 19, 2017

For more information:
Monika Schwab, Local Contact/SCMiGreens

South Central Michigan Greens Look Forward to 2018
at Monthly Meeting June 24 at Jackson Coffee Company

The South Central Michigan Greens will have maps of districts up for 
election next year, and a description of the Green Party's nominating 
process, at its next monthly meeting 5-7pm on Saturday, June 24 at the 
downtown branch of Jackson Coffee Company (201 South Mechanic Street).

John Anthony La Pietra, longtime Elections Co-ordinator for the state 
party and the Green nominee for Michigan House District 63 last year, 
will bring maps of County Commission districts for all three counties 
covered by the local -- Jackson, Hillsdale, and Calhoun.

He will also bring maps for both State Senate Districts touching the 
three counties (the 16th and the 19th) -- and for all five State House 
Districts containing parts of those counties (districts 58, 62, 63, 64, 
and 65).

District 62 is entirely in Calhoun County, and all of District 64 is in 
Jackson County, so candidates for those two seats could be nominated at 
county caucuses instead of at a statewide convention, La Pietra notes. 
He will bring material describing the nominating process both ways.

The Green Party of Michigan is also discussing establishing criteria for 
candidates to show the party -- and interest groups who provide 
information to voters -- that they are serious contenders for the posts 
they are running for.  La Pietra will have the latest information on 
where that discussion stands.

Also to be discussed at the meeting are upcoming activities and other 
ways of reaching out to GPMI members and voters and to others in the 
community who share Green values.

The local was formed earlier this year to bring together Green Party
members and supporters from Calhoun, Jackson, and Hillsdale Counties.
Meetings have been held monthly across the three-county area.

For more details and news about the South Central Michigan Greens,
please visit the local's Facebook page:

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The Four Pillars of GPMI:
    Grassroots Democracy
    Social Justice
    Ecological Wisdom
For our Ten Key Values, add:
    Community-Based Economics
    Future Focus/Sustainability
    Personal and Global Responsibility
    Respect for Diversity

Iraq snapshot

Wednesday, June 21, 2017.  The Mosul Slog continues and Alyssa Milano harms voters turn out.

Iraqi forces advance on Mosul mosque where IS declared caliphate

Day 245 of The Mosul Slog.

Counter-Terrorism second brigade are 100 METERS from Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Old city.

Day 245 and still it continues.

Day 245 and how many times have we been told the end is in sight?

Of course, we were also told this operation would only last weeks.

Guess the Elise Labbots are looking pretty stupid now.

Still waiting on the Tweet from CNN's Elise where she admits she was wrong and apologizes for screaming in a State Dept briefing because another reporter dared to call it a slog.

Still waiting.

While this war continues, there was an attempt to get serious last week.  Margaret Kimberley (BLACK AGENDA REPORT) was at the United National Antiwar Coalition's conference and she reports:

The nature of the American capitalist system requires that every country become either a vassal or an enemy. It gives us the rule of billionaires. The U.S created a mass incarceration system for the sole purpose of crushing the black liberation movement while also creating a profit center in the process.
All of the oppressions are intertwined. Millions of Americans toil under wage slavery or prison slavery and make fortunes for other people. But the contradictions of capitalism are growing more acute, and imperialist war is the outcome of a system trying to maintain itself. The fight for a living minimum wage and the fight against interventions abroad must therefore be addressed together because they are in fact part of a whole.

The UNAC conference also presented an opportunity to renew the African American-centered peace movement. The newly formed Black Alliance for Peace was very much present with leadership such as Black Agenda Report editor Ajamu Baraka playing key roles. Charo Mina-Rojas spoke about the struggle waged by black Colombians in the Buenaventura region of that country. Lawrence Hamm of the People’s Organization for Progress linked the history of mass rebellion with the fight against police violence.

This was global.

And much more important than sticking your nose in a losing election.  Yes, we'll get to The Alyssa Milanos in a moment.

Neither the Afghanistan War nor the Iraq War has ended.

And what's taking place in Mosul is a horror.

This what happens when cities become battlefields. was once known for tolerance, today it is a front-line.

A horror.

|i Human rights activists: Armed Shiite militias have executed ~900 civilians who attempted to fled Mosul in the last few months..

Samuel Osborne (INDEPENDENT) reports:

A record number of women were killed in US-led coalition air strikes against Isis targets in Syria and Iraq last month, a monitoring tracking civilian casualties caused by airstrikes in the Middle East has said.

At least 57 women died in coalition air strikes in May, along with a minimum of 52 children, according to Airwars, a British non-profit organisation.

Where's the alarm?

Where's the outrage?

Marius Bosch (REUTERS) reports:

The battle for the Old City is becoming the deadliest in the 
eight-month-old offensive to capture Mosul, Islamic State's de facto capital in Iraq.
More than 100,000 civilians, of whom half are children, are trapped in its old fragile houses with little food, water, medicine, no electricity and limited access to clinics.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Monday sick and wounded civilians escaping through Islamic State lines were dying in "high numbers".

In other news . . .

and the head of the in Iraq discuss the question of the referendum.

Morgan L. Kaplan and Ramzy Mardini (WASHINGTON POST) offer a primer on the referendum for Kurdish independence here.

This has been in the news for a little over a week now.

We've ignored it and that's resulted in e-mails.

Our position here has always been it's not the business of anyone outside of Iraq.

Whether it's moving to three independent regions or Kurdish independence only, that's something for Iraq to decide.  As a US senator, Joe Biden proposed a federation.  Our opposition to that, check the archives, was always that what happens to Iraq needs to be decided by Iraq, not imposed on them.

That remains our position.

Now that a vote is finally supposed to take place (this September), the topic has been avoided here because there's no real point in offering opinions in the lead up to the vote -- either my own or quoting others.  It's not my business.

Unlike some people, I do know when to butt out.

Did someone say Alyssa Milano?

The 44-year-old pain in the ass (ask anyone who's worked with her, most recently her castmates on MISTRESSES) hopes to pull off a miracle shortly: She thinks she can be a star on THE CW again -- this despite her being middle-aged.

Alyssa's grip on reality has never been that great -- part of the reason she's whining in public that she's lost her 'fortune.'  (Do another TEEN STEAM workout video, Alyssa!)

Which explains why she's never learned to butt the hell out of the business of others.

Jon Ossof has lost.


For some reason, Alyssa felt this was her 'fight.'

So she and Christopher Gorman (cast anytime someone needs an impotent male -- he played the limp noodle on COVERT AFFAIRS most recently -- why he's never played the monster in Frankenstein -- with that face -- is a puzzle) were in Atlanta and felt the need to campaign for him.

Let's be clear, they don't live in Atlanta.

They were there trying to turn Alyssa into a middle-aged CW star.

They don't live there, they breezed in, and they felt the need to butt in.

I don't endorse if I'm not eligible to vote in the election.

It's about time everyone started considering doing that.

It is not your business if you don't live there.

And we were there twice this month speaking.  And what did I hear?  I heard specifically from people who were angry that Alyssa was sticking her nose into their business.

Alyssa, you helped piss off a lot of potential Ossoff supporters.

You helped depress turnout.

You may think you're coming to the 'rescue' of 'the little people.'

But the people in that area who were aware of your efforts largely felt you were butting in.

Guess what?

You were.

You do not know their district or their needs.

And your breezing in and being a know-it-all did not turn out votes.

Here's Bruce A. Dixon (BLACK AGENDA REPORT) on Ossoff:

Of course I will not apologize to Jon Ossoff, who narrowly missed being the first Democrat to represent this district in 39 years. Ossoff will face Republican Karen Handel in a June 20 runoff election, and the nation will be watching. Corporate media and corporate Democrats will portray the contest as a referendum on Donald Trump. They will encourage us to confuse the Democratic party label with opposition to the military budget and runaway privatization of roads, schools and nearly everything else in sight. They’ll trot out their old tired sainted John Lewis, who blessed Hillary Clinton. But Jon Ossoff is a corporate Democrat.
While the 6th district urgently need mass transit expansion, they’re now building privatized express lanes on interstates 75 and 575 right through the heart of the 6th district. Privatizing the interstates is apparently OK with Jon Ossoff since he doesn’t say a word about it. As far as we know, Jon Ossoff does not support Medicare For All, the only practical alternative to the high premiums and spotty coverage of Obamacare, and the meaner version of Obamacare pushed by Republican Speaker Paul Ryan. Ossoff brags incessantly about his experience in “national security” as if the national security policies of the past decade and more have the nation more instead of less secure, and touts his willingness to work with Republicans to see our money isn’t wasted. That’s codespeak for Republicans who want to sound like Republicans, and Democrats who want to sound like Republicans.
It looks like we’ll be choosing between a pro-privatization Republican and a pro-privatization Democrat, between a pro-war Republican and a pro-war Democrat, between a Republican who opposes Medicare For All and a Democrat who does the same, between a Republican who’s against free tuition and a Democrat who agrees with her.

The 6th district congressional election will be between a real Republican and a fake one. Harry Truman used to say that when you give people a choice between a real Republican and a fake one they choose the real one every time. 

That's who Alyssa endorsed.

That's someone to elect to office?

Oh, right, he had a "D" after his name and apparently that's all that matter to Alyssa.

(Before any e-mails come in, I have no interest in Jane Fonda's comments.  Jane lived in Atlanta for years and has every right to comment.  It's the same as our own Betty commenting on something in Atlanta because she grew up there.  That's different than breezing in to shoot a pilot and trying to tell the people what to do.  More importantly, in our two visits to Atlanta this month, I specifically and repeatedly heard complaints about Alyssa -- from Dem voters.)

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