Sunday, September 22, 2019

Some Tweets from Elizabeth Warren

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    Last night, I called up grassroots donors who chipped in to my campaign to say thanks—and you could be next. Will you chip in now, too? Even $3 makes a big difference, especially with our FEC fundraising deadline right around the corner.
  • The daily toll of gun violence is staggering. We need to pass comprehensive gun violence legislation—and we need to tackle the corruption that has held up any attempts to end this epidemic.
  • I loved going to our house party in Mount Vernon yesterday and listening to what gets people in this fight. As president, I promise to fight for the big, structural changes that Iowa and the country needs.
    Elizabeth Warren runs to hug a supporter in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
    Elizabeth Warren stands in front of a crowd of supporters in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
    Photo line in Mount Vernon, Iowa.
  • Stopped by Hamburg Inn in Iowa City for a strawberry rhubarb pie milkshake yesterday. Delicious!
    Elizabeth Warren holds a milkshake while talking to Iowa voters.
  • America has a housing crisis—and working families are feeling it hard. Yesterday at Golfview Mobile Home Court, I talked with the people of North Liberty about how we can level the playing field for all families. My housing plan makes it possible:
    Elizabeth Warren attends a housing tour of Golfview Mobile Home Court.
    Elizabeth Warren attends a housing tour of Golfview Mobile Home Court.
    Elizabeth Warren attends a housing tour of Golfview Mobile Home Court.
  • Chicago’s nurses fight their hearts out for their patients. They deserve to be treated with respect—and that means adequate staffing levels. I will always stand and fight alongside our nurses.
  • You inspire me, . Activists have always been the driving force behind big, structural change—and yesterday’s powerful proved that together, we have a fighting chance at ending our climate crisis. Where you lead, I’ll follow.
  • Today at the Iowa , I said what I’ve been saying since April: It’s time for us to call out Donald Trump’s illegal behavior and start impeachment proceedings—now.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a terrific Democratic tradition. I promise to keep dreaming big and fighting hard alongside the people of Iowa.
  • Grateful to have a friend stop by our photo line.
    Elizabeth Warren stands next to Julián Castro at the Polk County Steak Fry in Iowa.
    Elizabeth Warren and Julián Castro hug at the Polk County Steak Fry in Iowa.
  • Volunteers all the way! Our volunteers are the backbone of my campaign. Send a message to to get involved.
  • I’m inspired by everyone who made their voices heard during yesterday’s —and I was grateful to meet some of them at the Blue Strawberry Coffee Shop in Cedar Rapids yesterday. Together, we can tackle climate change head-on, and I have a .
    Elizabeth Warren takes a selfie with climate activists in Cedar Rapids.
  • Unions built the middle class, and unions will rebuild the middle class. Looking forward to joining 's picket line tomorrow. I hope you'll join us:
  • Grateful for the opportunity to be part of ’s . In a Warren administration, LGBTQ+ people will be able to be who they are without fear of violence or discrimination.
    Elizabeth Warren speaks at GLAAD's LGBTQ+ presidential forum.
  • Our laws don't consistently protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It's past time to change that—starting by passing the Equality Act.
  • Eighteen Black trans women have been killed so far this year. It’s time for a president of the United States of America to .
  • Eighteen Black trans women have been killed this year. This is an epidemic, and we need to call it out.
  • I’ll be live soon at the ! Tune in:
  • Eight years ago, President Obama repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell. It was an important step towards protecting service members' rights. But Trump's ban on trans service members has set us back again. When I'm president, I'll reverse this ban and protect LGBTQ service members.
  • Trans women who experience homelessness are already disproportionately more likely to face violence. If Secretary Carson is not willing to do his job and protect all Americans experiencing housing insecurity then he shouldn't have his job.
  • Secretary Carson's transphobic remarks are completely unacceptable.