Saturday, November 20, 2004

You make me smile

You make me smile
You make me sing
You make me feel good's everything
You bring me up
When I've been down
This only happens when you're around.
-- "Too Shy to Say" words & music by Stevie Wonder

"You" are the five people who e-mailed and "you" are Laura Flanders. I appreciate the heads up re: Dhar Jamail reporting on Laura Flanders' radio show. Had I known he'd be on, I would've attempted to give a heads up in the post.

One person who e-mailed said the post prior (Here Come the Madmen) was not "supporting our troops." I'll address that in a future post (hopefully tomorrow). I'm already working on some posts for tonight (ideally two more) but, as I e-mailed JB, I do intend to address the issue he raised tomorrow.

As usual, Laura Flanders' show is worth listening to. If you've never checked it out, here's the website:

I did appreciate the feedback and wanted to say thank you while I'm listening to Flanders and while I'm working on the two posts I was hoping to get up tonight.