Sunday, December 12, 2004

"Jesus Is a Liberal"

The most important messages of Jesus have been lost in modern, mainstream America. Many so-called "liberal" ideals -- social justice, tolerance, civil rights, broad prosperity, care for the helpless, peace between enemies -- are at the core of Christ's teachings. Yet the most public, vocal and political attention is paid to
. . .

Paid to what? Are you curious?
The quote above is from "Jesus is a Liberal" by Andy who visits this site.

And if you click here to go to this proposal you are voting for his proposal and you can find out more about him (bio sketch at the bottom of the linked to page). You can also e-mail it from the above link. Most of all you can find out what the most attention is paid to.

I'm not familiar with the site. The link above takes you to what's above, so no language concerns but if you visit the site and look around, you're doing so at your own risk if you are on an office or work computer.

If you have any comments or a request like Andy's, the e-mail is