Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Page A15 of today's New York Times contains an eighteen paragraph story by James Dao and Albert Salvato "As Questions Keep Coming, Ohio Certifies Its Vote Count" (http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/07/national/07ohio.html?oref=login).
Many may remember that Tom Zeller wrote a front page story that derided and ridiculed people but never dealt with any issues.  Call Zeller's Nov. 12 piece snide, gate-keeping or op-ed passing for news but that's been it from the Times' writers except for two single paragraphs in the National Briefs section.  (Both written by Salvato.) 
The Times doesn't need to believe Kerry was robbed or that he wasn't to cover this issue.  They only need to address the events in Ohio.  Read it and e-mail your thoughts.  We'll do an entry tonight on your reaction to the story.
"What Corporate America Can't Build:  A Sentence" by Sam Dillon seems a questionable front page story considering the other stories inside that could have have been there instead.  But for a puff piece passes as news, it surely beats Lee Jenkins front page story "Baseball and Players Union said to Outline Tougher Drug Policy."  A two paragraph, four sentence opening sets the tone for this apparently single-sourced story, unnamed source at that.  (Woodward & Bernstein had to provide confirming sources -- how things change.) 

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