Thursday, December 02, 2004

Weapons of Mass Deception Opening Near You This Friday?

Reading Danny Schechter's blog ( and see that Weapons of Mass Deception will be showing in three cities this Friday.
I really want to recommend this film.  Schechter was still making changes and alterations when I saw WMD but it was already an amazing and powerful film.  If you're able to, see this movie.  And if you've got a friend you discuss issues with, take him or her as well.  This is something you're really going to want to talk about after.  Both in terms of what moments were most powerful for you but also in terms of what someone else took away from the film.
For me, one of the most powerful moments was when the film addressed the attacks on journalists in Iraq (non-embedded journalists).  There are so many amazing moments but that one comes to mind right now.
From Schecter's News Dissector Blog:
. . . WMD which opens this weekend in Boston, Austin (Landmark Dobie Theater) and Denver (Starz Film Center). Please spread the word. I will be at the Landmark Theater in Kendall Square, Cambridge for the opening on Friday night at 7:10. First weekends are very important in the movie world so if you can support the film, please do. More information at If you have access to email lists, download the press releases on the site and pass them along

Austin, Boston and Denver.  If you are in or nearby any of those three cities, please consider checking out Weapons of Mass Deception.  If you're unhappy with the state of the mainstream media, this is a film you will greatly enjoy.  If you've got someone in your life who's convinced the mainstream media is still doing it's job, this is a movie you want to drag them to.  Take a friend you agree with, a friend you disagree with.  Take a date.  Take a spouse.  Or just take yourself.  But if you are able, please see this film.

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