Wednesday, July 13, 2005

House cleaning (about links added)

As some of you noted in e-mails today, we have a link up now for the Green Party. We're also linking to Democratic Underground. To show respect to our Green Party members, the party link was added. To questions of whether or not we'd now be providing a link to the DNC, the answer is not at present. Democratic Underground will tell it like it is regarding the Democratic Party. They are a good link and the panel thought so as well. The panel's concern was whether or not Green Party members would take it as an insult. No Green Party member (or third party member) has complained thus far.

But I made the choice on linking to the Green Party and did so to make sure that those members knew they were included and welcome.

The panel also decided to link to Peevish . . . I'm Just Saying. That's a blog that will give you another perspective. If you haven't checked it out, please do so. Anne's often noticing something that others (including myself) let slip by. That's why members suggested linking to her so please check her out. (If you use the links. If you have her bookmarked, as the members who suggested her do, use your bookmarks. We're not concerned about traffic either way at this site.)

Random Thoughts has also been added. As most members know, the panel came up with a policy (that members voted on) in April. That put all links on hold while they focused on writing a proposal. Then there were the elections. Random Thoughts would have been added in April if not for the delay. (My apologies to Annie who was probably the biggest supporter of Random Thoughts.) Susan does a lot of visuals as well as her posts, so check out her site.

Blog Box is Deliah's blog report which is once a week. Deliah e-mailed and since the panel had approved Democratic Underground, I was pretty sure they'd approve this as well. Which they did. However, I also suggested that for the next round, they look into Deliah's personal blog, A Scrivener's Lament, but the panel was already familiar with it and gave it a thumbs up. On the latter, some of you report problems with accessing it. If you're using Explorer, try Mozilla Firefox. If you don't have Firefox, just type "A Scrivener's Lament" into a search engine and you can pull it up that way.

Mike Malloy fans have wanted Democratic Underground so they'll be happy to know it's included. For anyone concerned, please note, this is not a "Harry Reid looks so groovy!" site.
This a blog where a number of people post. They talk about the news of the day, they talk about the Democratic Party. They are not attempting to smooth things over; they are speaking frankly. The panel found them to be an independent voice that attempted to always tell it like it is. There's no rescuing if a Democrat is wrong. In fact, they're usually the first to note it.

Periodicals and organizations are decisions I make.

There are other links that need to go up. (I don't believe to blogs. But Eli & Wally -- or any other panel members -- e-mail me if you see that I've forgotten a site.) I will go in to correct the spelling of Planned Parenthood and, while in the template, I'll add CounterSpin and the other audio program on the list. We have members who are vision imparied and hearing impaired. If you can think of any links that make them feel more included, please send an e-mail. (And Erika, thank you so much for your suggestions. I've sent them on to the couple.)

A number of you have e-mailed in regarding A Winding Road. The site is dead now. And gone. (Deleted.) Folding Star remains a member of the community. (Might even blog again, I don't know.) If you're a member, you already know the site is gone. Possibly at some point, I'll pull it but I'm still sad about it and for now it remains.

(For those wondering, Beth is better -- she can stand up without experiencing pain. We're working on a time for the next interview.)

We link to FAIR already (it's an important resource and a great site). CounterSpin is a once weekly program that FAIR does. Utilizing the link (that goes up after I post this) will let you find out about programs as well as let you listen online. It will also help you find out if there's a radio station in your area that broadcasts CounterSpin. And, for members who feel that Judith Miller belongs in jail, the most recent episode up contains a discussion with Rosa Brooks who shares your opinion. (I believe CounterSpin does a new episode each Friday. But check that and don't take my word.)

The other audio program that we're adding (hopefully tonight) is Wakeup Call which airs on Pacifica station WBAI. The link takes you the site with information on current and upcoming shows as well as providing an archive of past shows.

From the site:

Tune in for Tomorrow's Show!
Part 3 of an Exclusive 3-Part Series - Recently released Gitmo detainee MoazzamBegg completes his story; Also: We join radio Radio Libre in Panama City;Why has the FBI placed $1m bounty on Assata Shakur?; Update on the case ofFlorida's Sami Al-Arian; And, calls for Gov. Pataki to convene the NYlegislature in a special session to finish the reform agenda.Plus, our regular New Jersey report and we hear about the situations inZimbabwe, Kosovo and South Africa.

Deepa Fernandes is the host of Wakeup Call. She was with Free Speech Radio News prior. (She also co-hosts one of Jonah's favorite shows, Global Movements, Urban Struggles. Fernandes co-hosts with Biju Mathew.

With the current links that are offered plus these additions, hopefully there's a voice that speaks to you among them. But you make the difference here so if you know of someone who speaks to you (audio or text) and we don't have them on the permalinks, e-mail. (We'll continue to highlight members selections mid-day, Monday through Friday. But I'm speaking of permalinks here.)

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