Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor stepping down from the Court

Like some of you, I'm guessing, I'm listening to The Diane Rehm Show as urged by Ruth this morning.  They're about to get into the topic of the monitoring of NPR and PBS.  But it was announced that Sandra Day O'Connor was retiring by Rehm. 
Gina Holland's "O'Connor to Retire From Supreme Court" (Associated Press) just hit Yahoo:
the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court and a key swing vote on issues such as abortion and the death penalty, said Friday she is retiring.

O'Connor, 75, said she expects to leave before the start of the court's next term in October, or whenever the Senate confirms her successor. There was no immediate word from the White House on who might be nominated to replace O'Connor.

It's been 11 years since the last opening on the court, one of the longest uninterrupted stretches in history. O'Connor's decision gives Bush his first opportunity to appoint a justice.


The New York Times has the same story (not credited to the writer now up).

Check out Ms. Musing later today to see what Christine's take on this is.  A guest on Rehm's show said something to the effect of it means 'all out political war.'


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