Monday, August 29, 2005

Jane Fonda's Monster-In-Law out on DVD tomorrow

We'll just note Monster-In-Law here to get something up. I'm late in getting home and I'm going through the e-mails. If anyone's waiting around, there will be an entry.

The DVD comes out tomorrow (Tuesday, August 30th). It's a double disc set. You get the film in widescreen and fullscreen formats, a blooper reel, "5 Behind-the-Scene featurettes," etc. You also get deleted scenes. This includes Viola (Jane Fonda) after she's lost her job, with the sweetest expression, explaining how she'd like to interact with her competition (Diane Sawyer & Barbara Walters), Viola's "fixing" Charlie's kitchen without permission from Charlie (Jennifer Lopez) and a scene where Ruby (Wanda Sykes) explains Viola to Charlie.

You'll also learn that The Morning After and Rollover are out on DVD. Time permitting, Ava and I will review the DVD release of The Morning After over at The Third Estate Sunday Review this Sunday.

If you missed them, The Third Estate Sunday Review reviewed all the Fonda comedies on DVD. That was a group effort many times but near the end, it became Ava and myself. You can check their to find out which was which:

"DVD review: Cat Ballou"
"DVD Review: Barefoot in the Park "
"DVD review: Barbarella"
"DVD review Jane Fonda's Fun With Dick & Jane"
"DVD review: Jane Fonda in California Suite"
"DVD review: The Electric Horseman"
"DVD review: Nine to Five"

If you're looking at the list and wondering where, for instance, Any Wednesday is, if it wasn't available on DVD we didn't review it. Monster-In-Law was not only Jane Fonda's return to film, it was her return to comedies. So in preperation of the release of Monster-In-Law, we went through the films available on DVD.

Film reviews aren't done at The Third Estate Sunday Review. It's for the same reason that cable TV shows aren't reviewed. They're trying to reach a wide audience and be aware (and respectful) that money is an issue. (In our TV reviews, Ava and I knocked out the majority of shows broadcast Friday evening's due to the requests of parents with young children who wrote in requesting that due to the fact that Fridays is a stay-at-home night for many of them.)

But when a number of silly reviewers seemed to be seeing things that weren't in the film (David & Lisel) we did weigh in. In addition, every community member that had a site also did. Folding Star shut down A Winding Road, but you can read Folding Star's comments via The Third Estate Sunday Review repost. (All other ones listed below will take you to the members own site.)

"8 Days on the road to hell and heartland" (Betty, Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man)
"Film: Folding Star on Monster-in-Law" (Folding Star, A Winding Road)
"monster-in-law is now playing don't miss it" (Rebecca, Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude)
"Film: Rebuttal to Davey and Lisel half-baked Monster-In-Law reviews" (Ava and myself, The Third Estate Sunday Review)

(Mike hadn't started Mikey Likes It! when Monster-In-Law came out, but you can find his comments on the film in "Everybody Likes Mike: the man behind Mikey Likes It!" -- The Third Estate Sunday Review)

Here we've noted it many times but I'm remembering Lynda's comments from "Dhar Jamail on Rice's visit and Lynda on Monster-In-Law."

Domestically, Monster-In-Law brought in $82,887,973 in ticket sales and the worldwide total is $119,168,999. That's not a bomb, as some dubbed it. (Even if the box office wasn't in a slump all summer, it's not a bomb. It's not a "recouper" either. It's a hit.) (And Lopez has had only one other live action film make more at the box office, Maid In Manhattan with $93,932,896 in domestic ticket sales.)

And we should note that Isaiah (who does the comic The World Today Just Nuts here) did an illustration of Jane Fonda that we've posted many times and is at the top of this entry.

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**Added by Ava on Tuesday from a later entry:

"Shirley rightly points out that Monster-In-Law was one of the topics in "Roundtable III" at The Third Estate Sunday Review."