Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show Sat: Lisa Gill, Georgia Schilz, Rose Aguilar... Sun: Kathy Kelly, Richard Harvey, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton

Here's the line up for Laura Flanders' show this weekend:

The Laura Flanders Show
Saturdays and Sundays 7pm-10pm ET
Saturday: Is Cindy Sheehan the catalyst of crisis for the Bush presidency? Pat Buchanan thinks so. What about you? Lisa Gill, from Military Families Speak Out; Gold Star mom Georgia Schilz; and roving reporter, Rose Aguilar, who is touring the reddest parts of the USA - all chime in. Then a how-to on keeping Counter Culture alive, with Phil Hartman, organizer of this year's "Howl Festival" in New York City and standup storyteller Jonathan Ames.
Sunday: This was said to be a historic week in Israel and Iraq, with a Gaza withdrawl and an almost-ready constitution. But was it? What's really changed? Richard Harvey on the London subway shooting coverup. Then Kathy Kelly, from Voices in the Wilderness, on being prosecuted for aiding ordinary Iraqis while US oil companies broke the UN sanctions to sell Iraqi oil. Then, psychologist Dr. Robert Jay Lifton on uprooting superpower violence.

The show's a favorite among community members and if you haven't listened yet, tune in to find out why.

Remember, you can listen over broadcast radio (if there's an AAR in your area), via XM Satellite Radio or listen online.

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