Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show live from Jackson, Mississippi looking at the responses to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Kat here filling in for C.I. I like doing the posts on The Laura Flanders Show because Laura Flanders is smart. She's the good kind of smart, which is important. There are some people who are smart and bore the hell out of you. They just want to recite their little prepared speeches. Flanders wants to share with you. You can tell that by her interviews and by the phone calls she takes. She's not screaming at callers, she's listening to them. In a better world,
The Laura Flanders Show would be on CNN each night instead of Larry King hollering "for the hour!" about whichever parent of a kidnapped blonde he managed to book.

But we're not living in a better world these days. We can make it a better world and one way is to listen to The Laura Flanders Show. I swear I don't know Flanders or anyone on her staff, nor do I get free merchandise for these plugs!

Laura's doing another remote broadcast. She was in DC in September when people were standing up and being counted and tonight she's in Mississippi:

Laura's broadcasting live from Jackson, Mississippi with members of the Gulf Coast Tour
On the two month anniversary of Katrina, the Tour's met with scores of Mississippians and Louisianans who are still without homes, healthcare, or any means of support. Many are facing illegal evictions, denial of work and wholesale destruction of their historic neighborhoods, but community groups locally and regionally are responding.
We'll hear from local people affected by hurricanes Rita and Katrina, and talk to ANGELA WHITNEY BOWMAN of
The People's Institute in New Orleans and EMERY WRIGHT of Project South.
Then, health hazards and environmental devastation dominate the scene: ANSJE MILLER of the Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative and MANNY PINO of the Indigenous People's Network talk about the impact.
In our last hour, PETER KNOWLTON of the
United Electrical Workers and Rev. AUDREY HOLLIS of Jobs with Justice have some serious questions about how reconstruction work is getting done. And to close out the show, AMY STAPLETON of United Methodists for Social Action and TUFARA WALLER of The Highlander Center talk about turning grief to action for social change.
Tomorrow, we'll be live from New Orleans.
Don't Forget - You can listen to past broadcasts of the Laura Flanders Show:
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This will be three hours of truth so you should be listening.

B-b-b-but Kat, this radio program, how do I listen to it?

Besides the PODCAST above, you can listen to it over broadcast radio (check there to see if there's a station in your area), over XM Satellite Radio (channel 167) or you can listen online.
It starts in the east at 7 p.m. and goes off at 10 pm. If you listen online, you'll hear it then. If you're listening over broadcast radio, you'll need to consult the schedules for air time.

Remember it airs on Saturdays and Sundays. Sundays is not a repeat, Laura's in New Orleans tomorrow. So arm yourself with knowledge and if you haven't listened you'll quickly realize there's nothing stuffy about this show. Laura knows how to kick off her shoes and let her hair down.

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