Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dahr Jamail on BBC Newsnight special "The Allies on Trial" Weds. 12-14, 22:30 UK time

Here is the third thing I couldn't remember. Melanie forwarded this and wanted it noted. Dahr Jamail will be on the BBC tomorrow. This is from an e-mail that was sent out to get the word out and we'll note it here in full:

** Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

**** Visit the Dahr Jamail Iraq website http://dahrjamailiraq.com

**** Website by http://jeffpflueger.com

**Dahr Jamail will be participating as a witness regarding war crimes in Fallujah and the torturing of Iraqis in US military detention centers in Iraq.

*With ongoing controversy surrounding the conduct of the war in Iraq and the treatment of terror suspects in the wider "War on Terror",

Newsnight is to stage a special programme entitled: "The Allies on Trial"

*Allegations about the allies' conduct of war in Iraq, counter-insurgency measures and claims of torture in the "War on Terror" - plus the use of "extraordinary rendition" by the US - continue to surface.
Jeremy Paxman will chair a special programme exploring whether the allies are guilty of war crimes.
The programme, to be broadcast on Wednesday, 14 December will take the form of a trial, with advocates arguing the case for the prosecution and defence with the help of witness and expert testimony.
Clive Stafford Smith - the Legal Director of Reprieve; a charity that defends prisoners facing the death penalty - will lead the prosecution.
Barrister John Cooper will argue for the defence.
A jury of specially chosen undecided members of the public will give their verdict.
Over the coming days we are inviting viewers to submit their opinions and evidence to the programme.

The program will be broadcast at 2230 UK time, Wednesday, December 14th.

I believe, and could be wrong, that "22:30 UK time" is six o'clock pm EST. I could be wrong. But everyone's responsible for figuring it out themselves, if they're interested. (Gareth, Pru, Polly, James in Brighton and other UK members have no need to attempt math. Lucky people.)

This seems to be an effort to raise issues the way (seems to me) that the Oxford v. Harvard debate did in 1965. (Henry Kissinger would surely love to forget that debate.) The formats are different. But I throw that comparison out there because the larger point is, if you don't watch it, don't count on the media to get the details correct afterwards. (For instance, the US press attempted to carry the water for Kissinger for many years re: that debate. He lost.) So the point is, if you're able to watch, please consider doing so.

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