Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show Sat.: Cynthia McKinney, Playback Theatre, FALLUJAH and New Orleans

The Laura Flanders Show, via Martha who signed up for the e-mail alerts,

Today on The Laura Flanders Show

On Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST
Katrina woke us up. Has the nation gone back to sleep?
From Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's hearings in DC to the first
Survivors Assembly and Saturday's Right-of-Return protest in New Orleans, we'll hear the latest from those on the front lines.
Plus, New York City's
Playback Theatre on how performance helped Katrina survivors get to grips with their story.
And the premier broadcast of FALLUJAH, a new Iraqi-made documentary on the US attack.
You can listen to shows you missed:
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Okay, where else will you get that kind of diversity? On your TV? I seriously doubt it.

You've got Cynthia McKinney and the hearings. You've got Playback Theatre -- which I'm honestly not familiar with but am intrigued and look forward to finding about. Laura Flanders isn't looking at a list and saying, "Oh, here's something in the world of arts that everyone's talking about so let me find a way to say exactly what's been said before but on my show." (Read "site" if I lost you.) She's trying to provide a unique show and does that by offering topics and guests that you've not grown tired of and offering her own perspective. (And proving you can be fair without being "On the one hand, on the other.")

Any other Saturday, the first two items would be excitement enough. FALLUJAH raises the excitement bar. (And don't be surprised if The Third Estate Sunday Review posts late because I can tell you we will stop everything we're doing to hear about that.)

This a show the community responds to and one we wish everyone took the time for. So make sure you're getting the word out on it. (Be like Liang and her friends and organize parties to listen each weekend. Or be like Maria and make it your "adult time" away from the kids, which Maria always intends but frequently has to take breaks to address pressing issues such as who gets what toy. Or be like Eli who listens and takes notes to discuss it later in the week. If you read your gina & krista round-robin yesterday, you saw Eli's rundown of the important topics from last weekends shows and how he graded the mainstream media on following up on them. Reading his commentary, you should know that the mainstream media just doesn't seem to be able to find the time to raise the issues that Flanders raises.) Mia says the show centers her (in terms of being and soul, not politically). Brad says you just need to listen once to be hooked.

We're noting the above because, as Kara pointed out, if Randi Rhodes is starting her vacation on the 20th, Flanders may be doing the same thing, Point? If you've been thinking of urging a friend to listen, you've got this weekend and next for sure and then there may be repeats or a substitute host. So just invite a friend over and get them to listen along.

That's Carl's suggestion. He wrote that Mike and Rebecca had the right idea about having Democracy Now! on at the gatherings for Labor Day and Thanksgiving. He said he'd urged people to watch Democracy Now! and they'd say they'd give it a try. And he'd wait and wait.
So tonight he's got three friends coming over who always "mean to listen" to Flanders but still haven't. Carl writes that he's tired of suggesting and waiting so everyone's just going to sit down at the dinner table and listen while they eat tonight.

He also points out that one of his resolutions last New Year's Eve was to make sure that he talked about "more than sports with my friends" and he's kept it and wants to make 2006 be about making sure that people know what's out there. He's getting a leap on 2006 tonight.

Again, I'm way behind on the e-mails. If someone weighed in on Laura Flanders (Eli's column inspired the above to weigh in) and I didn't note you above, it's because I haven't gotten to your e-mail yet.

Remeber that you can listen to The Laura Flanders Show via podcast (as noted above), via broadcast radio (if there's an AAR in your area), via XM Satellite Radio (channel 167) or listen online.

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