Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show this weekend: Kim Gandy, Cindy Sheehan, Malik Rahim, Bill Quigley, Reg Keys, Jordan Flaherty, Doug Anderson, Garland Robinette

Martha gives us the heads up to this weekend's The Laura Flanders Show. Both broadcasts are repeats so if you missed Bill Quigley, Kim Gandy, Malik Rahim, Jordan Flaherty, Doug Anderson, Rev. Lennonx Yearwood, Cindy Sheehan and Reg Keys, this is your chance to hear them. Carl also e-mailed to encourage people to "at the very least have the show on in the background while you have friends and family over." Here's the lineup and I'm guessing (I could be wrong) that the New Orleans show will air tonight and that the one from Crawford will air Sunday.

BEST of The Laura Flanders Show
On Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST
Two of Our Best Remote Broadcasts:

Live from New Orleans, November 6th
MALIK RAHIM, a veteran public housing organizer and now mayoral candidate in New Orleans, BILL QUIGLEY, director of the Loyola University Law Clinic and Gillis Long Poverty Law Center, JORDAN FLAHERTY from "Left Turn" magazine and GARLAND ROBINETTE, Host on NOLA's Radio station WWL, DOUG ANDERSON of The People's Institute in NOLA, KIM GANDY, President of NOW and Hip Hop Caucus CEO Rev. LENNOX YEARWOOD on their plans for the Gretna Bridge March on Monday.

Live from Crawford, Texas, August 27th
This was the last climactic weekend before anti-war leader
CINDY SHEEHAN left protest outside the president's ranch to go to Washington to push for bringing the troops home. Sheehan, Iraq war veterans, and British Gold Star dad REG KEYS, and others are featured. Air America's only live broadcast from Crawford!

You can listen to shows you missed: Download archived shows HERE or Subscribe to the Free PODCAST through the iTunes Music Store
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"Now how do I listen to The Laura Flanders Show?" Via podcast (as noted above), via broadcast radio (if there's an AAR in your area), via XM Satellite Radio (channel 167) or listen online.

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