Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Nonwit and Nonwisdom of John Cornyn

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said the new audio tape of Osama bin Laden threatening attacks on American soil "is a vivid reminder why we must continue to intercept communications between al-Qaida overseas and potential operatives in the United States."

The above quote/Cornyism is from the Associated Press' "Democrats Scold White House Over Spying." Billie, one of our many Texas members, coined the term "Cornyism" to describe the screwball utterances that flow from John Cornyn's mouth. (Coined some time ago.)

Billie noted the quote and wanted everyone to think about it. Cornyn's referring to the alleged tape by bin Laden that was broadcast by Al Jazeera.

Billie: Osama has a message broadcast via television & Corny sees it as proof that we must intercept . . . cable television broadcasts? Or maybe Corny thinks it reminds us that Osama is still at large, still plotting? If so, I believe the Bully Boy's the only one who forgot that. So maybe Corny should go to the Oval Office and ask his buddy Bully Boy when he intends to get serious about that four-year-old pledge of "Wanted Dead or Alive"? Or maybe that's what Corny's trying to say? This is "a reminder" of "why" really is a coded message to America that we need to remember if Bully Boy had done the job he blustered about and not let Osama escape in Tora Bora, we would be safer now? Blink twice, Corny, if you're trying to send us a coded message.

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Note: Post corrected when I saw that Billie had written a second time. In her second e-mail, she suggested the title of this entry so I've changed it to that.