Saturday, February 04, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Frances Moore Lappe and Joel Dorn

Kat here, wondering why I'm even bothering to attempt this post since there's apparently some outage on Blogger. If you see this, remember the mirror site. Jim and Dona have already decided to utilize it for The Third Estate Sunday Review if the problems persist.

So a number of us are in DC and let me talk about that for a minute. I was depressed as anyone over Alito being confirmed and spineless Democrats refusing to filibuster. All week, I was asking, "Does anyone want to go to the World Can't Wait rally in DC?" Everyone was pretty worn out from the Alito battle. On Thursday night, I phoned C.I. and I could sense a waivering.
Friday morning, C.I. said, "Okay, Kat, I'll go with." Then Wally called C.I. and Wally ended up being up for it as well. We're in DC when Jim's calling C.I.'s cell to say that it may be a long overnight edition on The Third Estate Sunday Review because the gangs enroute to DC and had decided, "Well, we should be there." They were surprised to learn that we were already in DC.

So that's how some of us ended up in DC and what a turnout. The World Can't Wait. Drive out the Bully Boy regime! Now let's talk Laura Flanders.

This Weekend:
Something is rotten in Washington DC, but the political picture's brighter at Democracy's Edge.
Saturdays & Sundays, 7-10pm ET on Air America Radio
We'll hear from author FRANCES MOORE LAPPE. Then, in his budget next week, the President is expected to ask for new emergency funds for the Gulf, but has any of this money trickled down yet? Locals have a plan that needs your help. Plus, excerpts from an Alternative State of the Union. And JOEL DORN shares tracks from the golden age of Gospel.

Tune in. And if you missed it, a one-hour edited podcast of last week's broadcast is available at
It's all on RadioNation with Laura Flanders this weekend on Air America Radio.

Be sure to make time for it. Trina's going to be using the mirror site this evening so please check it ouf for her entry and for other entries. No one knows what the deal with Blogger is. Also, Shirley, Martha and Dallas are working with Ruth on getting an entry up. If it doesn't make it here, check the mirror site. If you see this several days later and say, "Gee Kat, a heads up would have helped if we could see it," I shoot back, "The mirror site exists exactly for this reason so you should have thought to check it on your own."

I have no idea what Blogger's problems are but I know I tried twice this week without success to get into my site. We've got the mirror site and, if it comes to it, we can always activate the mailing lists. C.I. checked the e-mail account and a number of you are wondering what's up with the site while a smaller number are freaking out. No need to freak out. We're prepared for emergencies even if we weren't prepared for this nonsense on a weekend most thought they'd finally be kicking back a bit.