Saturday, April 08, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Tom Hayden, Alexander Cockburn, Daryl "DMC" McDaniels, Eliza Gilkyson ...

Kat here. Offering the heads up to this weekends RadioNation with Laura Flanders. What's on the Air America radio program that broadcasts Saturdays and Sundays from seven p.m. to ten p.m. EST? Here it is:

As Laura works on her book on progressive success stories, we rebroadcast one of the inspirations: our show from Reno, Nevada, where the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada has been making the kind of gains in a red state that DC Democrats only dream of.
Guests include: PLAN state director Bob Fulkerson, and Northern Nevada coordinator Jan Gilbert; Nevada Assembly Assistant Majority Leader Sheila Leslie, Julia Ratti of the Human Services Network. Teresa Benitez, Past Miss Nevada and social worker, Ireri Rivas of the Nevada Immigrant Coalition, Janet Serial, of the Reno-Sparks NAACP, Pat Elzy, of Planned Parenthood Monte Mar, the Largest PP affiliate in the US, Vicky LoSasso, Co-chair, Nevada Women's Lobby, and Susan Lynn, with the Great Basin Water Network.
On Sunday, we'll play a recording of Laura's interview with lifelong activist TOM HAYDEN, which took place at The Strand bookstore in New York City in March, upon the republishing of the early 1960s political manifesto, "The Port Huron Statement," by Students for a Democratic Society.
Then Native American women's health care advocate CHARON ASETOYER announces her campaign for South Dakota state senate.
The Nation's Alexander Cockburn puts the president in his place -- in history and more. Kaveh Ehsani, editor of Middle East Report on what's behind W's saber-rattling toward Iran. Run-DMC's Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels, on music, meaning and politics, and singer-songwriter Eliza Gilkyson on her latest CD, another conscious call to action.
As always, a one-hour version of last weeks program (with guest host Ned Sublette!) is available at
It's all on RadioNation with Laura Flanders this weekend on Air America Radio.

The book? Laura had asked for personal experiences people had during the 2004 campaign, asked on air for a book she was going to write and I think that's the book they're talking about. (Thanks to Martha for the e-mail forward. You can sign up for e-mail alerts, like Martha did, at and get all the information delivered directly to your inbox.)

I'll also say that we may or may not highlight it this week at The Third Estate Sunday Review. (We will note that Tom Hayden's interview will be broadcast on Sunday.) That's because we're all in one place for a change and have a ton of plans for the day (some of which we've already done this morning). It's a busy weekend and C.I., Wally, Jess and Ava insisted we write up an idea last night so that we'd have one feature for Third done with. (And one less to work on last night.) Each weekend there's the hope that the marathon writing that starts no later than when Laura's show starts broadcasting will be done long before sun up Sunday morning and that doesn't usually happen. (Okay, it never happens!)

But with everything that has to be done today and tomorrow (and "fun stuff" is included on the to-do list but activism is "fun" as well), I know there's going to be a lot to do so with the show repeating tonight/this evening/today (depending upon your time zone), I want to make sure to give a heads up. I'm also guessing that I'll be first up. C.I. worked on the main entry this morning and finished it except for tags and links. However, it was the topic of much discussion as we took part in morning activities and C.I.'s going to pull one large section and toss it to Third so that we'll have the spine of another feature to work with (and hopefully be ahead of the game in terms of completing the edition at a decent time). Ruth's working on a concluding paragraph to her report (tags and links still need to be located) so that will be going up as well.

But since my heads up is the easiest thing to complete, I'm going to post it ahead of the other two. (C.I.'s actually pulling two things from the main entry -- one for Third and one to be used at a later date because to pull the thing for Third means pulling another commentary or the entry will seem out of balance). Blog twins Mike and Elaine and discussing what news items to include at their sites from Democracy Now! so that will be going up as well (and they may have something up before I finish this because I need to add links myself). Be sure to catch Laura tonight and tomorrow night and remember that tomorrow night's interview with Tom Hayden is being broadcast for the first time.

And mentioning Democracy Now! reminds me that Amy Goodman's got an appearance today:

*Amy Goodman in New Orleans, LA
Sat, Apr. 8
Time: 5 PM
Benefit for WTUL
Tulane University
McAlister Auditorium
Free and Open to the Public
For more information: Contact Jeremy,

If you're in that area (I'm not) make a point to show your support for unembedded media.