Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Grab bag put together by Jess

Jess here. I'm copying and pasting word for word from an e-mail:

Take Action -- Wednesday, May 24th 2006
National Day of Out(R)age
Save PEG Community Media! Keep the Internet Open!
Defend Local Control!
Stop Red-Lining in Our Communities!
Protests in NYC, San Francisco, Boston, ChicagoSee
Take action wherever you are: see
On Wednesday, May 24th, thousands of people in cities across the country will protest the Telephone Companies AT&T, Bell South and Verizon, expressing outrage at the tactics of the major telephone companies (AT&T, Bell South, Verizon and Qwest) to pass National Video Franchising legislation in Congress.
The Telcos are spending one million dollars a week to buy the votes of members of Congress for their legislation (House Bill 5252 and Senate Bill 2686), and on advertising to influence public opinion, using ‘astroturf’ groups to distort the issues. The proposed legislation will curb local control over video franchises, negatively impact thousands of local Public, Educational and Governmental Access channels, allow red-lining in low-income and rural communities and jeopardize the openness of the internet by removing 'net neutrality' provisions designed to promote competition.
For more information, and to get involved, see
Protest in NYC, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago
Weds., May 24, 2006

So no one misses it by being lazy and not scrolling down, Gore Vidal (as guest or by playing a speech of his) will be on KPFA's The Morning Show this morning. You can listen live online if you're not in the broadcast area. (C.I. says it's a speech and that the Yes Men will be interviewed on the show.)

Also -- Where in the world is Amy Goodman?


Amy Goodman in San Jose, CA:
Wed, May 31
*The NetSquared Conference
Cisco Systems' Vineyard Conference Center
260 East Tasman Drive,
San Jose, CA


* Amy Goodman in New York, NY:
Sat, June 3
A Dialogue on Shias, Sunnis and Politics in Iraq with Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Noam Chomsky, and Shia-Sunni Speaker's Panel: Anas Shallal, Dr. Anisa Abd el
Fattah, Salam Al-Marayati, Salma Yaqoob, Shaykh Ibrahim Kazerooni, Dr. Umar
Faruq Abd-AllahColumbia University, Lerner Hall, 114th St. and Broadway$20
For more information:

News items on Katherine Jashinski.

Alan Riquelmy's "Afghan war objector faces discharge" (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer):

Army Spc. Katherine Jashinski, a conscientious objector being held at Fort Benning, will receive a bad conduct discharge and sentenced to confinement Tuesday after she pleaded guilty to "refusal to obey a legal order," her supporters and a post official said.

And from "First Female Conscientious Objector Sentenced" (Scoop):

Jashinski's superiors testified that they believed in the sincerity of her CO claim, and the Judge noted that he was convinced of the same.
Aidan Delgado and Camilo Mejía, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War, attended Ms. Jashinski's trial today to support her. They described the atmosphere of the courtroom as initially tense, but said that Jashinski’s powerful heartfelt testimony changed the tone of the room.
"Iraq Veterans Against the War supports the right of every soldier to follow their conscience," said Delgado. "As the first woman GI to publicly take a stand against this war and to declare herself a CO, Katherine's actions are very significant. She is a fine example of a young person standing up for her beliefs."
Ms. Jashinski is feeling triumphant and happy to have resolution. After completing her sentence she will return to school at the University of Texas at Austin and continue her work with the newly founded Austin GI Rights Hotline.

Last thing, WBAI today (Eastern Standard Time):

Wed, May 24, 3:00-5:00 pm:
CityWatch WBAI Fundraiser
Lessons from the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), with special guest host SNCC Activist Prof. Carl Johnson from Borough of Manhattan Community College. Also, tune in to hear about special premium offers featuring Civil Rights legend Fannie Lou Hamer and Harvard Professor Cornel West.

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