Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Katrina vanden Heuvel on The Charlie Rose Show tonight (PBS)

Ava here. Mini-post, just a heads up. I saw this and know Katrina vanden Heuvel is a favorite of Trina and Tracey's (Tracey is Ruth's grandaughter) as well as a few others in the community. KvH will be on The Charlie Rose Show tonight.

PBS. Watching it without donating is like using a store rebate.

Here's the good news, old pursed lips isn't hosting his own show. George Steph is the guest host. (Which would have been good news about 12 years ago.) Here's the really bad news: Adam Nagourney's a guest. But you can make a game of it. You can watch the New York Times' reporter (well, he thinks he's that) and turn his stammers into a drinking game or count his liver spots. Jonathan Alter is another guest, file it under more bad news, and Ed Rollins. Unlike Nagourney and Alter, Rollins is up front about being a Republican so I'll spare him (for now).
(Maybe Steph will find a way to "jump start" torture enabler Alter?)

C.I. and I aren't sure what we're reviewing for The Third Estate Sunday Review this week. We're both going to try to catch this so maybe that's what we'll review? If so, you'll want to watch it so you can really enjoy the review.

On The Third Estate Sunday Review, Betty's posting a new chapter tonight. She's in character as Betinna (the wife of Thomas Friedman -- poor woman) and the plan is for her to mention something that will go up Sunday. She might not be able to work it in. (She thinks she can right now but that meant rewriting her rough draft.) If she's able to, there's a heads up to a feature that the community will be interested in checking out Sunday. (If I say it's on the topic that causes groans from all at what we see as misguided efforts, will that clue members in?) If Betty's unable to work it in, it will be noted here tomorrow.

Elaine and Rebecca have both noted that we may be doing something musical. This is in addition to that. There will be the feature Betty may announce, the editiorial, the TV review and we're thinking the musical. (Though Jim thinks as soon as we really get focused on the musical, it will crash and burn. I disagree think so, Kat, Jess, Rebecca and C.I. have already completed the lyrics for one thing.)

So, back to the main point, Katrina vanden Heuvel on PBS' The Charlie Rose Show tonight. (Airs at various times, so check your local listings. If you tune in and she's not on, your PBS may be an episode or two behind.) You've got your heads up.

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