Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Other Items (Cindy Sheehan and Anthony Arnove on KPFA's The Morning Show this morning)

Lynda notes an article in the Times that, had I seen the e-mail a moment sooner, would have been a highlight in the last entry. It's credited to new kid on the block "The New York Times" and the article's entitled "Full Panels to Get Surveillance Briefing:"

The full Senate and House Intelligence Committees are to be briefed on Wednesday for the first time on details of the domestic telephone surveillance program that the White House has previously described to only a few members of Congress, lawmakers said Tuesday.

That's the way the paper wants to cover the NSA issue, with nothing but announcements of scheduled Congressional briefings and official spokespersons -- summarized in a tidy, brief manner (the article is four paragraphs long).

Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Omar al Neami provide a look at Iraq in "Attack Kills 5 Militiamen and 18 Others in Baghdad:"

Gunmen riding in two minibuses drove into a parking lot in a Shiite neighborhood in northern Baghdad on Tuesday, shot dead five militiamen working as guards, and then left behind a car bomb that exploded minutes later, killing at least 18 would-be rescuers and others who had rushed to the scene.
[. . .]
The bodies of at least nine Iraqis were also found in Baghdad, Karbala and other places.
[. . .]
According to the Interior Ministry and the Iraqi police, victims of other attacks on Tuesday included an economics professor killed by gunmen in Baghdad; four Iraqis shot dead while riding on a minibus in northern Baghdad; and six Iraqis slain by gunmen in the Dora neighborhood in southern Baghdad.
Also on Tuesday, the prime minister designate, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, repeated the same assurance he has made several times over the past few weeks — that formation of a new government is only days away.

Laura Flanders' "She's Baaack" (Women in Media & News via Common Dreams):

Pet projects on literacy aside (they've mostly had their budgets cut by her husband anyway,) there has never been a shortage of factors qualifing the First Lady as fair game. Every First Lady has been that in any case (and if you doubt it, read Blanche Cook's account of the villification of Eleanor Roosevelt. ) And Laura Bush has been an equal partner in the President's fatal games. Lest we forget, in late November, 2001, it was Laura Bush who changed the tone on the assault on Afghanistan. After weeks of macho talk, the Bushmen had failed to apprehend Osama Bin Laden -- either dead or alive -- and in public opinion, the gung-ho spirit was beginning to sag. At the same time, the US Air Force started dropping its largest non-nuclear bomb -- the Blu 82 Daisy Cutter -- from cargo planes over the mountains Afghanistan. A 15,000-pound dumb device, the Blu 82 devastates an area the size of several football fields, killing every thing that breathes. Just that week, out came Laura Bush to deliver the President's Weekly Radio address (as one reporter put it "all by herself.")
Just in case anyone thought that the most powerful nation in the world was blowing an impoverished, feudal state to bits for revenge, La Bush cast the whole operation as a strike for female liberation. "The people of Afghanistan -- especially women -- are rejoicing," said Bush. In fact, some were gathering up the remnants of their friends and family.
Liberal critics have laid off the Bushwomen for reasons having to do with "propriety?" I don't think so; more like sexism: the guys don't take the women seriously. Whatever the reason, it’s way, way past time to take off any remaining gloves. C'mon guys. If reporters had given Bush’s hench women even half the scrutiny they give his men, perhaps Lady MacBush’s approval numbers wouldn’t be twice as high as her husband's.

I know every member is aware of Laura Flander's Bushwomen but in case you still haven't picked up (or in case you're a visitor stumbling by) check the link if you haven't read it yet. (Also, while I'm being redundant, Flanders is the host of RadioNation with Laura Flanders. If you haven't listened on the weekends, check the show out. And you can click on RadioNation with Laura Flanders at any time to hear archived broadcasts where they combine Saturday and Sunday's shows each week into a condensed one hour program. No charge to listen, no membership fee or sign up required. She spoke with Cindy Sheehan Saturday.)

Cindy Sheehan, remember, along with Anthony Arnove is a guest this morning on KPFA's The Morning Show airs at ten a.m. ET, nine a.m. CT and seven a.m. Pacific. (No registration to listen, no fee. Either on the air or online.) To listen live, click on KPFA and if you miss the program (or want to hear it again) click on The Morning Show about 15 minutes after the program ends stops airing and you can hear the archived broadcast.

Brad notes Grace Lee Boggs' "CRIME AMONG OUR PEOPLE" (Michigan Citizen via Boggs Center) and wonders about an excerpt. It's a strong essay that members should enjoy (so check it out) but I can't do a pull quote either. Boggs is addressing situations today and noting the historical roots. If a member wants to do an excerpt, e-mail and note it but I think I'd just confuse it if I tried. I don't think I'll confuse anyone by pulling the first paragraph so here's that:

The escalating violence in Detroit makes this statement as timely now as when it was first published in June 1972 by NOAR (National Organization for an American Revolution). We sold tens of thousands of copies at 10c. Today it sells on the Web for $15.00.

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