Monday, June 12, 2006

Other Items (Jeff Chester on KPFA's The Morning Show)

Democrats in the United States said little, apparently concerned about appearing to be sympathizing with detainees who could turn out to have significant terrorist connections.

The above is from David S. Cloud and Neil A. Lewis' "Prisoners' Ruse Is Inquiry Focus at Guantanamo" in this morning's New York Times. If true, always a big if, it says a great deal about how abused our country and our system of justice came about. As usual, instead of making case for the larger issue, Dems go soft and squishy for fear of looking 'sympathetic.' Apparently image trumps the importance of a legal system that's existed for over 200 years and the very notions of justice this country is supposed to stand for. These are the "little triggers" that they pull with their tongues (to paraphrase Elvis Costello) and the target is the United States.

As Cindy reminds, KPFA's The Morning Show today (7:00 am Pacific, 9:00 am Central, 10:00 am Eastern) is supposed to feature Jeff Chester as a guest. (You can listen online without a fee or registration.) And remember to listen, watch or read Democracy Now!

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