Saturday, July 22, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Sat: National Hip Hop Political Convention; Sunday: Stephen F. Cohen, Jamal Dajani, Claude Anshin Thomas

RadioNation with Laura Flanders is live from location today:

On Saturday, we broadcast Live from the National Hip Hop Political Convention in Chicago.We'll hear from Biko Baker, director of political training, and from activists and artists who aren't fooled by one Presidential appearance at one meeting of the NAACP in five years. And we'll hear how young organizers are reaching the parts of our democracy that other folks don't reach.

That's today ("mere minutes," as Kat would say). Tomorrow, Stephen F. Cohen -- contributing editor to The Nation, NYU professor and like a walking Wikipedia on the subject of Russia but with the facts right! (cheap Wikipedia joke, true, but it illustrates the point) -- and Jamal Dajani (no my dyslexia did not cause me to get Dahr Jamail's name wrong, the guest is Jamal Dajani) the director of LinkTV's Middle Eastern programming. Plus Claude Anshin Thomas on the journey from Vietnam veteran to Buddhist monk and "an upcoming Los Angeles retreat to help heal post-war trauma."

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