Sunday, September 17, 2006

Community note from The Third Estate Sunday Review

This an entry worked on by Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.

First off, Ruth kindly offered that her latest report could be held after she and her grandaughter Tracey were reading The Third Estate Sunday Review this afternoon and saw that everyone had been up for over thirty-one hours straight. Her thoughts are (a) it can wait until Thursday, (b) it won't lose any timelieness by being held, (c) by waiting until Thursday, she'll take the weekend off this weekend and (d) by waiting until Thursday, that's one thing that can run at The Common Ills. This week, Ruth, Rebecca, Elaine, Cedric, Betty, Mike, Wally, Dallas, Gina, Krista, those of us writing this entry and others in the community will be taking part in various activities against the war.

Due to the on-the-road nature of those days, posting to sites is a question in the e-mails. Kat's already noted she's hoping to have two reviews (she has one completed now) that can go up at The Common Ills during those days. Wally and Cedric will be working on joint-posts throughout that period (and probably the entire week). Otherwise, everyone's still scrambling to figure out the time factor of activism, posting at sites and personal. (the gina & krista round-robin will go out Friday morning, it will also feature special editions on Saturday and Sunday.)

Those of us writing this edition immediately crashed when "A Note To Our Readers" went up at The Third Estate Sunday Review. After we woke up, we called Kat and all went out for dinner (that's how late it was when we woke up). When we got back here, C.I. returned Ruth's call and told her and "Let me think about." About postponing until Thursday. We were then asked if anyone could help hunt tags or links for Ruth's latest tonight and a number were saying yes when Ty, who was going through The Third Estate Sunday Review's e-mails, said no one was doing anything yet.

Some links were "closed" in features (or Blogger read them as such) and we were left with sentences and paragraphs that had disappeared from the features posted. (Thanks to those who noted it and, as Lauren R. put it, "I know for a fact you didn't mean to not end a sentence and pick up on in the middle of somewhere else.") What could be reconstructed, has been. We spent two hours on that and think we caught those problems. (We didn't worry about typos. Most people can figure out a typo. We were worried about entire lines and paragraphs that were missing.)

During that, C.I. called Ruth to make sure she was really okay with waiting on the report, she was and it will go up on Thursday. While everyone's engaged in activism, there will be at least three daily entries at this site. Some will be done by C.I., some will be done by others. The plan, right now, is to continue the Iraq snapshot but it may be much briefer. (And, if it's done by anyone other than C.I., there will be differences in it as well.) The Third Estate Sunday Review will have new features this coming Sunday. Ava and C.I. are attempting to watch whatever they review (they have a list of three possible shows right now) prior to everyone hitting the road. If they're not able to do view anything new this week, they've already seen "most of" Desire and will address that instead. But Ava notes, their review may contain spoilers if they don't have the time to check and see what was the last episode aired. (They don't do spoilers as a rule.)

We've been trying to add more visuals at The Third Estate Sunday Review and it's doubtful that will be the case this coming weekend. There's the issue of downloading them and other things that take time (such as paint drying, or Rebecca tweaking them) and also the issue of getting Blogger to accept them when we're doing the posts. We will work towards having another "Fascist House" because a number of e-mails came in today saying, "I thought you were going to do that again." We're also considering, if problems are like or greater than when we were all in DC last March, just scanning the print version and posting that as "photos." We will have new content and we're brainstorming currently on how to get around any technical (or security warnings that pop up frequently when we're doing the edition online).

We believe all the missing sentences and paragraphs have been restored. (For features that also ran in the print edition, they were. For those that were online only, we did our best.) Warning, the roundtable contains the f-word (probably among others). Those members with only work access and have guidelines re: language can e-mail at one of the two private addresses and a work-safe version will be e-mailed out. These were today's features:

A Note to Our Readers
Editorial: Call Us Dixie Chicks -- We're not ready to make nice
TV: Call the coroner
The Regressive (Parody)
The Fear
Plamegate and the Lies of Conventional Wisdom
Yapping Watchdogs Miss The Point
Janet Charlton Arrives at The New York Times
The New York Times Doesn't Really Do Corrections
The Bullies & the Tyrants latest single: "Bullies Without Borders"
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