Friday, September 01, 2006

NYT: "In Latest Push, Bush Cites Risk in Quitting Iraq" (Anne E. Kornblut & Sheryl Gay Stolberg)

President Bush said Thursday that withdrawing now from Iraq would leave Americans at risk of terrorist attacks "in the streets of our own cities," and . . .

The above is the opening of Anne E. Kornblut and Sheryl Gay Stolberg's "In Latest Push, Bush Cites Risk in Quitting Iraq" in this morning's New York Time and it's all you really need from the article.

Leaving Iraq would leave the United States at risk. Does anyone else feel like Bully Boy's chasing his tail in front of everyone? (Big Babs must be so glad he's not trying to lick his privates. Parental proud has to be grabbed where it can be with regards to the Bully Boy.)

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."

Remember that 2002 statement? Condi Rice made it. Others in the administration made similar phoney claims. (Don't forget Bully Boy's 2003 State of the Unioin claim about "British intelligence have recently learned . . .").

That was the lie told the people. Iraq was a threat. War must happen because Iraq was a grave threat. We must drop the doctrine of just wars because war must happen.

Bully Boy got his illegal war. Now his argument for continuing the war he frightened a nation into is to attempt to offer more fear.

"Okay, I lied then," he might as well say. "When I told you Iraq was a grave threat and we had to go over there for our own safety, I flat out lied. But this time, this time I'm telling the truth."

The little boy who cried Wolfawitz will probably fool quite a few again.

But the 'logic' that the US had to go over there for its own safety (the lie) is now replaced with the 'logic' that the US must remain for its own safety (also a lie).

Martha notes, on the same topic, Michael Abramowitz's "Bush Takes His Case to Veterans: War in Iraq Depicted as One Against Radical Islamic Terrorism" (Washington Post):

President Bush renewed his effort to shore up flagging public support for fighting the Iraq war, appearing before one of the country's major veterans groups to cast the war as part of a larger ideological struggle against radical Islamic terrorism.

The only change is that a lot of people have woken up to the reality of the war. It basically comes down to whether you want to live your life in fear and whether you want to continue to believe a known liar. It's past time for the troops to come home. Bully Boy has no plan, he has no 'progress.' The only thing he can attempt at this point is to (once again) scare Americans.

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