Wednesday, December 27, 2006

NYT: Sewing the Seeds of War

In this morning's New York Times, Sabrina Tavernise continues to pimp the questionable "Iranians in Iraq to Attack!" claim (see yesterday's snapshot) which most see as the marketing roll out for Bully Boy's desired war with Iran, James Glanz is off on trial news and sprinkles in realities as an aside and Helene Cooper covers Joe Biden. What story, what headline, covers the increasing number of US troop fatalities? (Covers isn't sprinkling in expecially when, like Glanz, you get the total number wrong -- he notes 5 US troops died in his sprinkling -- 7 died.)

Cookie, this is the Times. They don't give a damn. They haven't all month. They've ignored the story, ignored everything as December has become the second deadliest month of 2006 for US troops. You can't do your part in reselling the illegal war and also note the fatalities, so the Times just plays dumb and stupid on the topic, day after day.

Martha notes Nancy Trejos' "7 U.S. Troops Added To Rising Toll in Iraq" (Washington Post):

Seven more American service members have been killed in Iraq, the U.S. military reported Tuesday. It is the second deadliest month of the year for troops.
[. . .]
As 2006 began, there was talk on Capitol Hill of withdrawing some U.S. troops by the end of the year. But rising sectarian violence in Baghdad forced President Bush to instead shift troops from other parts of Iraq to the capital, preventing a withdrawal. With no end to the violence, Bush ends the year with more than 140,000 U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq and faced with the decision of whether to send even more.
[. . .]
On Tuesday, at least 54 civilians died in car bombings and mortar attacks in the capital and elsewhere, hospital officials told the Associated Press.
Three car bombs exploded simultaneously in Baghdad's mostly Shiite neighborhood of Bayaa, killing 10 people and wounding about 40, the U.S. military said. Abdul Kareem al-Kinani, a spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, said there were 14 fatalities and 69 injuries.
A car bomb in the mostly Shiite neighborhood of New Baghdad killed six civilians and wounded nine others, according to an Interior Ministry official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

54 Iraqis died in car bombings and mortar attacks? And forty corpses found in Baghdad on Tuesday and 6 in Baquba and already, on jut that, you have 100 Iraqis reported dead on Tuesday. But the New York Times isn't interested in that either.

They're all for the 'surge' at the paper of record. And details like noting seven deaths of US troops just mess with their larger goals. If they were a Tears for Fears song, it would be called "Sewing the Sees of War."

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