Sunday, April 01, 2007

NYT: Just Rubin today

The New York Times this morning? Not a great deal, one article on Iraq. And I almost missed it. Alissa J. Rubin's "Iraq Says Truck Bomb in North Killed 152" runs on A9. What do you get? 152 people dead from Tuesday's bombing in Tal Afar according to Iraq's Interior Ministry. Rubin notes, "If the death tolls of 152 is correct, it was the highest total from a single bomb in the four-year old war." She also notes 10 corpses discovered in Baghdad yesterday.

Yesterday, "Kat's Korner: Holly Near Shows Up" -- Kat's latest review -- went up. She finished it early in the day which is why her links to Ruth go to the old report. It went up late so that if I was late here (and I am), there would be something for early risers to read. Ruth's Report went up yesterday as well.

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