Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Sinking in polls and struggling to reinvigorate his foundering presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) delivered a robust defense of the war in Iraq on Wednesday, declaring that President Bush and the conflict's supporters are on the right side of history in the struggle against terrorism and extremism.
Dismissing public opinion polls as offering nothing but "temporary favor" to the war's opponents, McCain directly confronted the biggest obstacle to his White House ambitions: his unyielding support of a war that more than two-thirds of the country has turned against.

The above, noted by Lloyd, is from Michael D. Shear's "McCain Calls War 'Necessary and Just'" (Washington Post). Senator Crazy Ass also attempted to put forward that US forces should have remained in Vietnam where, no doubt, they'd still be fighting today:

"I understand the frustration caused by our mistakes in this war. I sympathize with the fatigue of the American people," he told cadets at the Virginia Military Institute. "But I also know the toll a lost war takes on an army and a country. It is the right road. It is necessary and just."

The toll a lost war takes? Today Vietnam is rebuilding. It was not a threat to the US, nor was it ever. Not a threat, nor was it ever? Sound familiar?

Front page of the New York Times offers David S. Cloud's "U.S. Is Extending Tours Or Army In Battle Zones" which is about extending tours of duty to 15 months (an increase of three months) and Bobby Gates (Secretary of Defense) tries to sugar coat it by stating this will allow a year of downtime ("for those lucky enough to return" goes unstated).

David E. Sanger offers a "NEWS ANALYSIS" on A8 entitled "4 Years On, the Gap Between Iraq Policy and Practice Is Wide" which quotes Stephen J. Hadley (national security advisor) stating of the wish for a war czar, "We're trying to learn from our experience." Four years and counting of the illegal war and they're trying to learn from their experience. Bobby Gates is on board and argues that, though the position shouldn't be referred to with the term "czar," "this is what Steve Hadley would do if Steve Hadly had the time". Read that and Gates' comments about how the position would allow a person "to call a cabinet secretary and say 'The president would like to know why you haven't delivered what's been asked for yet'." The vacationing Bully Boy has ample time to vacation. But the job duties remain too much. Next up, a sitter for the Bully Boy to get him through cabinet meetings.

Okay, e-mails. Yes, there are some real idiots out there. We may deal with it at The Third Estate Sunday Review. But let's be really clear here, dumb ass women are dumb ass women. They exist in the world as easily as dumb ass men. They can play it like they're in it for whatever but the reality is a little Harold Ford Junior pushing, Iraq war loving, piece of trash can claim she's one of the "girls" from here until the day she's thankfully lowered into the ground. Won't change the fact that she's not a feminist and that the dopey site-lette she's part of isn't empowerment.

I was reading the e-mails and thinking, "How did that dopey site-lette even become an issue?"
Around the 30th or 40th e-mail someone finally mentioned where it was seen (I think that was Brenda's e-mail that mentioned it). We don't link to that site (nor to the site-lette). It's an embarrassment. A professional journalist shouldn't (as he did) brag about catering the news to political parties. It's not the journalists most embarrassing public moment but it honestly is the end of the career. We may address it at The Third Estate Sunday Review, we may not. But I logged into the private accounts this morning, saw the total of unread e-mails and wondered "What happened?" I think I've read a third of them this morning. The journalist is a journalist no more. (I know the journalist.) We don't link to that site. The dopey "girl" is a War Hawk and just because "Democrat" is next to her name doesn't change that.

I noted we wouldn't be linking to former journalist's site and why. It is an embarrassment -- even before he gives space to Lady War Hawk. We don't link. (Nor do we link to the site-lette. It's a long term joke. If that's not clear -- a site-lette that recommends books on embroidery and one entitled "Comfy Cloth Pads" isn't of any interest. Yes, the latter book is about maxi-pads. Ones you can wash out and reuse. Speaking only for myself, "Pass." But I do believe, for those interested, Lynne Cheney's book Sisters explains how to make your own.)

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