Saturday, May 26, 2007

8 US service members announced dead in Iraq

Since this morning, the US military has announced: "While conducting a combat security patrol in the southern section of the Iraqi capital, one Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldier was killed and two others were wounded when an improvised explosive device detonated May 26.
An Iraqi interpreter was also injured in the attack." One soldier announced dead.

And they announced: "An Multinational Corps Iraq Soldier was killed and three wounded in a complex attack against their military vehicle near Taji at approximately 10 p.m. May 25." One soldier announced dead to make 2 for the day.

And they announced: "Two Soldiers were killed and three were wounded east of Baghdad May 23, when a roadside bomb exploded near their patrol." Two soldiers announced dead to make 4 for the day.

And they announced: "One Marine assigned to Multi National Force-West was killed May 26 while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar Province." One Marine announced dead to make 5 US service members for the day.

And they announced: "Three Task Force Lightning Soldiers died of wounds sustained in an explosion near their unit’s patrol in Salah Ad Din Province, Saturday." Three soldiers announced to make 8 US service members announced dead today.

And Bully Boy's official statement for this weekend? "It's a weekend which gives us a chance to honor those who have served this country, whether it be in this war or in previous wars."

ICCC's latest count is 3452 US service members dead in Iraq since the start of the illegal war and 101 for the month of May. The deadliest month in the year thus far was April with 104. May's not yet over.

By contrast, as this month reaches 101, May 2006? 69. May 2005? 80. May 2004? 80. May 2003? 37.

Bully Boy looks at the rising toll and sees a 'way forward' which apparently translates as everyone in Iraq must die for the US to be safe. As noted this morning, the fact that the White House was told what would happen in Iraq if the illegal war began didn't lead them to tell the truth to the American people. So when Bully Boy & Co. today state that American service members must be be in Iraq or there will be attacks on the United States, remember that's the same lie they used to start the illegal war (and it wasn't true then either).

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