Sunday, July 15, 2007

NYT does better than The Nation magazine

On the front page of the New York Times (lower right hand corner) is Ian Urbina's "Even in Families Sworn to Duty, Misgivings Arise as War Goes On." Obviously, the war doesn't "go on." It "drags on." Obviously because a promised "cakewalk" doesn't last over four years. (Wouldn't the cake have burned by then? Surely the people have been.) It does the usual selling point of "The Republicans are brave and strong and eat their spinach!" We warned you at The Third Estate Sunday Review before hand that this narrative would come when some Republicans jumped ship. And the Democrats are as much to blame for that as anyone. They've spent recent weeks not leading on the issue of Iraq, happy to let Republicans grab the limelight. In the article, note Corp. Ponce De Leon who shares that she'll be shipping off to Iraq soon and her husband's already there:

He said that "we have all decided that it's time for us to go home." I said, "You mean go home and rest?" And he said, "I mean go home and not go back."
This is from someone who has been training for the past nine years to go to combat and who has spent his whole life wanting to be a marine. That's when I realized I couldn't support the war anymore, even though I'm will follow orders.

Nancy Lessin of Military Families Speak Out notes that more military wives on bases are joining MFSO. Urbina notes that falling support for the illegal war among the families of the US military and the trouble the army has had (two months in a row) meeting recruiting goals. Give Urbina strong credit for two things specifically. He mentions Iraq Veterans Against the War (rare for the Times which stood alone among the big papers in not covering Adam Kokesh, Liam Madden or Cloy Richards) and he mentions War Resisters Support Campaign (Michelle Robidoux says that "in recent months the group has received calls that included two Army sergeants and a Navy chief petty officer"). For those who've forgotten, in the overly praised article The Nation's so damn proud of, they couldn't contact War Resisters Support Campaign or mention a war resister in Canada. (Or use the term "war resister.") Granted, it's not difficult for anyone to top The Nation these days, but give Urbina credit for doing what "the leading weekly of the left" wouldn't. (Not couldn't, wouldn't.)

Richard A. Oppel Jr.'s "Iraq Chief Says His Forces Are Able to Secure Country" (A4) notes puppet Nouri al-Maliki's statement and notes that it's the first statement since the "assessment" was issued. (Jim Rutenberg notes problems with the "assessment" but didn't Nancy A. Youssef do that last week? Yes, she did. Rutenberg follows Times' tradition by including official statement -- and actually does a good job charting the shift ground under them.) Oppel informs that 21 corpses were discovered Saturday in Baghdad, he notes the deaths of 2 US service members, the Wednesday death (only announced yesterday) of a Reuters' translator (and he notes the Friday death of the Times' Khalid W. Hassan and that two Reuters journalists were killed Thursday). I'm not in the mood for the James Baker Circle Jerk. I'll read that article later today (after I've had some sleep). If there's anything you see of note, e-mail and we'll include it in "And the war drags on . . ." this evening/night.

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