Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Turkey set to defy US and hunt Kurdish rebels" (Gethin Chamberlain)

The New York Times clangs the alarmist bells on withdrawal from Iraq -- the British in this case but it's meant to send a message. Then we have nonsense about the Asian Cup. (It's won, we'll get that rah-rah tomorrow. Two years after US troops withdraw, wait and see if the Aisan Cup gets one article in the news section.) Stephen Farrell writes the alarmist piece and too much time is wasted on that while only 7 brief paragraphs are given to his "General Training Iraqis Cites Problem of Sectarian Loyalty." Seems like that might be a story. At seven paragraphs, it's a glorified world brief.

Nothing worth linking to. (And nothing you really can't find in the Times of London which is not supposed to be part of the Times of New York, but how they do read alike this morning. Monkey see, Monkey doo-doo.)

Today, the US military announced: "A Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldier was killed during combat operations in an eastern section of the Iraqi capital July 29." And [PDF warning] they announced: "A Multi-National Divison-Baghdad Soldier was killed during a small arms fire attack while conducting combat operations north of the Iraqi capital July 29." ICCC's count is 3648 since the start of the illegal war.

A number of e-mails mention multiple US deaths in Iraq on Friday. I've heard that rumor too and don't know if it's true. MNF may announce it in a few days if it happened.

Gethin Chamberlain's "Turkey set to defy US and hunt Kurdish rebels" (Sunday Telegraph of London) is the only thing I see worth noting:

Turkey's newly elected government is prepared to turn its back on its long-standing alliance with the United States to counter the threat of Kurdish terrorism, one of the closest allies of the prime minister has warned.
Egemen Bagis, foreign policy advisor to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said Turkish forces were prepared to mount operations against Kurdish PKK fighters who had taken refuge in Iraq, because the US had failed to intervene.
"We are hoping we will not have to do it. We are hoping that our allies will start doing something, but if they don't we don't have many options," he said.
"Our allies should help us with the threat, which is clear and present. If an ally is not helping you, you either question their integrity or their ability."
A decision to sanction military action might also help to avert a potential clash between the new government and Turkey's powerful army, which is unhappy with what it regards as creeping Islamisation.

Everyone else is in feel-good mood (that includes alleged independent media outlets -- someone really needs to explain to men that a soccer match -- any sports match -- isn't hard news no matter how hard they tease and jerk it).

Al Jazeera offers what will probably be a big story in the Monday print cycle ("Death! Crossdressing!):

At least three Iraqi soldiers have been killed in an attack by an armed group dressed as women, security officials have said.
Fighting began when several gunmen wearing Saudi-style black veils opened fire on an Iraqi army checkpoint west of the northern oil hub of Kirkuk.
Captain Mohammed Abdullah said three soldiers were killed and a fourth was wounded in Saturday's attack.

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