Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dear Dumb Ass

Your threatening e-mails are not private. I can and will quote from any I see fit.

Cease and desist writing them.

Your name was here in two entries and it's been removed and replaced with "Dumb Ass" because a friend with the FBI suggests you have "issues." He now has copies of all your e-mails.

Your name is no longer up here. You will have to find some other way to get a little fame.

Quit harassing me.

Stop threatening me.

And don't contact me again.

It has been repeatedly noted that the privacy policy does not cover your kind.

Continued attempts to contact me will be seen as continued harassment.

You're sick.

You've written repeatedly this week. Your harassments and your threats need to stop immediately.

Get help.

Finally, I am not your "buddy," The Common Ills is not a "blog" and your offensive e-mails would be offensive to any woman. Save your tough guy act for your male friends (if you have any) and quit harassing women via your e-mails. This one is sick of it.