Wednesday, August 22, 2007

US helicopter "downed" in Iraq, 14 US service members died

Today, the US military announced: "Fourteen Task Force Lightning Soldiers died when the aircraft they were riding went down in northern Iraq Wednesday. Two UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters were on a night operation when one of the aircraft crashed. That helicopter had been carrying four crewmembers and 10 passengers. Initial indications are that the aircraft experienced a mechanical malfunction." Incidentally, that press release is entitled, "Helicopter downed, results in 14 non-battle deaths."

Megan Greenwell (Washington Post) notes at least 63 helicopters have crashed (my term) in the illegal war with at least 36 being "struck by enemy fire". Remember that the crashes "under investigation" usually take many months for the investigation and that the case this spring in the United Kingdom demonstrated that well over a year later a government can dispute the testimony of a soldier serving who witnessed the entire thing.

ICCC's current totals are 3707 US service members killed in the illegal war and 49 for the month of August thus far. Add 14 to those for 3721 since the start of the illegal war and 53 for the month of August so far.

On the "mechanical malfunction" (in a press release using "downed" in the title), if true, it certainly means questions need to be asked about the status of the equipment (and those Dems jumping up and down saying the military is wrong that it would take six months for a withdrawal, that it would take much longer because equipment will take forever to transport out as well, might want to rethink the 'importance' of the equipment).

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