Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Other Items

Timothy Schafer's "Supporters rally for U.S. army deserter" (Canada's Globe and Mail) tells you the talking point Dan Maluta (who should have been fired after the wrongful arrest of war resister Kyle Snyder) wants out there: Robin Long was smoking pot in public with four other people and that's why he was arrested! Of course the reality from eye witnesses is different and of course three others weren't arrested with Long. But it's more of the lies the Nelson city police have become famous for.

Meanwhile Yasser Faisal and Mussab Al-Khairalla (Reuters) report that Poland's General Edward Pietrzyk (ambassador to Iraq) was wounded in Iraq today in what the Polish government is calling "an assassination attempt" that also claimed the lives of at least one of Pietrzyk's bodyguards and one Iraqi civilian.

Last night Kat's review of Stephen Stills and Ani DiFranco's latest CD releases went up and Kat reviewed Joni Mitchell's Shine on Monday and Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals' Lifeline on Sunday

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