Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ruth's Report

Ruth (of Ruth's Report): Three things to cover in this report. First, the piece of human trash that once pursued Rebecca is back again. I guess he either has a reading disability or e-mails while drunk because it clearly states that your threatening e-mails have no protection. If he writes again, I will include his name in one of my reports. Then he can stop threatening C.I. and try coming after me. Maybe that will finally make him feel like a man, threatening an elderly woman like me?

So that is topic one. Topic two, I have started my own site and, had I been thinking, would have called it Ruth's Report (of The Common Ills), similar to how Kat's site reads. We were not sure how to link in these reports and it only just came up. I prefer "Ruth" acting as a link to the most recent report. It helps me when I am trying to track down something I covered previously and need to do an update on. So what we've decided is that "Ruth" will stake take you to my most recent report and parenthetical ["(of Ruth's Report")] will take you to my site.

Now for topic three. Pacifica Radio is in fundraising mode. For some, that is a time to find something else to listen to. Monday on WBAI, Law and Disorder did a special broadcast that incorporated segments from the Law and Disorder weekly episode broadcast on other stations as well as online at the program's website. In addition to those elements, the broadcast also featured Heidi Boghosian, Michael Ratner, and Michael Smith in the studio speaking live. A portion of the live broadcast included an interview with author, activist and feminist Naomi Wolf about the current climate in this country and where we may be headed if we all do not wake up. She spoke of "echoes" and how elements, such as ignoring the rule of the law, "echo" the rise of fascism in other nations.

This is the theme of Ms. Wolf's latest book, The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot, which was offered as a premium. Mike offered a summary of the interview with Ms. Wolf and C.I. quoted Ms. Wolf from her summation, "History also shows that bullies are cowards." Her point was that the American people stand up and say "No more!" When bullies are confronted, they do back down.

While it is true that you hear the pitches for the money, you also get some strong discussions in there as well. Repeatedly last week, Democracy Now! supplemented their time with Jeremy Scahill and Amy Goodman addressing Blackwater USA.

The reason for the third point is to just to be sure, since we do have new community members, that if someone new hears a fundraising pitch, they grasp that content is still be providing.