Saturday, November 03, 2007

Missing Army officer on the verge of being declared deserter

Robert Przybylski was a rising lieutenant when the Iraq war started, leading his airborne scout platoon through dangerous raids and at one point coming to the rescue of his injured battalion commander.
Now a captain, Przybylski was slated for another deployment to Iraq this spring as a company commander with the 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment in Baumholder.But about three weeks ago something went wrong.
Today, Przybylski is the only officer in U.S. Army Europe to be listed absent without leave, a position he’s been in since Oct. 10. And in a matter of days he faces the prospect of being classified as a deserter, which takes effect after 30 consecutive days of unauthorized absence.As authorities investigate the case, the circumstances surrounding Przybylski’s disappearance remain shrouded in mystery.
"The investigation into the whereabouts of Captain Przybylski remain under investigation by CID and the soldier’s command," Criminal Investigation Command spokesman Chris Grey said in a prepared statement.

The above is the latest report on the missing captain by John Vandiver, "Authorities investigating captain’s disappearance" (Stars and Stripes). As we've said before (here and here), Przybylski may or may not be a war resister. He is, however, a captain who has gone missing, is listed AWOL and you'd think this would warrant media attention. He may be injured, for example. Certainly TV 'news' loves their missing blond females. But apparently, a missing captain -- who if not find quickly, will be declared a deserter -- is another story. As has been the pattern, Przybylski's father refused comment to Vandiver.

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