Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nothing being done in DC, not that anyone would notice . . .

President Bush and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey sought Monday to resolve serious differences over the fight against Iraq-based Kurdish guerrillas, agreeing on the need to share intelligence to end their deadly raids.
"Good, sound intelligence delivered on a real-time basis, using modern technology, will make it much easier to deal effectively with people who are using murder as a weapon to achieve political objectives," Bush said after the two met in the Oval Office.
But there was no indication that Erdogan received a U.S. commitment to take specific steps that Turkey is seeking to counter Kurdish militants based in northern Iraq.

The above is from James Gerstenzang "Bush, Turkish leader discuss Kurdish guerrillas" (Los Angeles Times). No indication? No, and there probably never will be. And part of the reason is that the press refuses to focus. Three e-mails to the public account have visitors sounding off regarding the importance of Pakistan. Pakistan's not the issue, use the links in the snapshot and read the transcripts of the State Dept and White House press briefing. The useless press has time to chit-chat about Nicolas Sarkozy.

The situation between Turkey and northern Iraq didn't just pop up. And this round of promises aren't offering anything new. But maybe if the promises ever got serious attention, there would be an understanding about how little has ever been done? Words are tossed around, promises made and nothing happens. That's the government.

What about the press? Print media generally does a better job. But look around, yesterday was a meet-up in DC to avoid Tukey entering Iraq -- the enlarging of the war -- and where's the press? Asking about Nicolas Sarkozy.

And in the report Saturday, Ruth noted, "'The sixth and final [FCC] hearing [on the issue of allowing further media consolidation],' as the PDF format announcement words it, will take place next Friday, November the 9th, in Seattle, Washington. The timing is four p.m. to eleven p.m. and the location is Town Hall Seattle on 1119 Eight Avenue." We'll try to note that at least once every day leading up to Friday. For more on the issue, you can refer to PBS' Bill Moyers Journal which explored the topic Friday and is watch, read and listen.

PBS' NOW with David Brancaccio (Friday night in most markets) feautes a look at "the latest Congressional maneuvers to determine the fate of children's health care program. The State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP, is a block grant from the federal government to cover children whose family incomes exceed that which would make them eligible for Medicaid, but are too low to afford private insurance. But the fund is quickly running out of money. President Bush vetoed a bipartisan SCHIP reauthorization bill on October 3, claiming it would attract recipients who could otherwise afford private insurance. Now, the issue has become a political free-for-all . . ." 12-year-old Graeme Frost and his parents will be interviewed on the program, the webiste will offer features on Friday morning such as "state-by-state information about healthcare coverage programs for children." PBS' NOW with David Brancaccio is the program, Friday evening/night on most PBS stations (check local listings).

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