Sunday, November 25, 2007

NYT: Whispering the new-told lies

The front page of the New York Times today serves up something, but it's not news. A possibly fixed tennis match is sports' news, it is not front page material for the news section. Then you get amateur sleuths with a 'historical' 'mystery' that is nothing but a feature article working real hard to qualify as news. The "women's sections" of news papers were insulting. But when they existed, hard news and feature articles had a clear line between them. That line has dissolved. Look no further than "Farmyard Stills Quench a Thirst For Local Spirits." Next up, a hard hitting, front page interview with Granny Clampett.

Patrick Healy offers lies, lies, lies, not-so-sweet little lies. "As Democrats See Iraq Gains A Shift in Tone" is the headline and the article exists to promote a variety of lies.

1) Iraq is 'safer'. (But not 'safe' as the Bully Boy once termed America?)

2) Democratic 'front runners' Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are having to shift their tactics on Iraq.

Shift their tactics on Iraq? That took place some time ago when they -- and John Edwards -- refused to promise that were they to be elected president in 2008, they couldn't guarantee troops home by 2013. The idea that Iraq has been a topic in the campaigns of the front runner is a joke. John Edwards may have offered proposal most seriously and most often, but this is the same man who had nothing to say about Iraq in a debate weeks ago.

Healy's lying. It's the sort of "even ___ agrees" lies. Clinton and Obama have not led the call for troop withdrawals. (That would be Bill Richards, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel.) As with every other topic, Obama's been given a press-path on Iraq but has anyone forgotten the criticism Hillary's received for refusing to call for a withdrawal.

There is no change of position. The lie of 'success' is, however, giving them cover and the press sells it as "Even the ones calling for withdrawal agree . . ."

There is no 'success.' There hasn't been any. The fact that Green Zone confined mainstream reporters have ignored the violence doesn't change the fact that the violence has continued. Baghdad is not 'safer' and Healey (with no dateline) seems unaware of the bombing that took place there on Friday.

It's lies to re-sell the war. Passed off as journalism.

Alissa J. Rubin and Steven Lee Myers fudge the truth -- they repeat the myth of 'safety' but move on quickly to focus on the latest lowered target. "U.S. Scales Back Political Goals For Iraq Unity" tells you that the political situation ins being downgraded in what constitutes 'success.' This includes the US pushing the puppet government to voice to the United Nations that Iraq really, really wants to see foreign troops on their soil for another year. The Iraqi parliament has already made clear that they are not in favor of that, they have passed legislation that is supposed to prevent al-Maliki from again by-passing the Constitution to renew foreign fighters. Rubin and Myers seem completely unaware of that. Ryan Crocker whines that the military can not bring democracy to Iraq. A little late in the game for that realization. (Operation Iraqi Freedom is what the White House called it -- a slogan quickly picked up by both MSNBC and Fox 'News.') No, there isn't anything the military can accomplish, which is why troops need to be withdrawan now.

Inside the paper, A8, Alissa J. Rubin contributes "U.S. Starts First Major Pullout From Iraq, Beginning With Brigade Members." The escalation ('surge') could not be substained and was never supposed to be. Nearly one thousand US service members died this year and tens of thousands of Iraqis. For what? Nothing has been accomplished and now the 'surge' is over. Senator Insanse John McCain was calling out the nonsense back in August of 2006 before the escalation began. These days, his cracked mind cheers the escalation that accomplished nothing.

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