Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's not progress

Today, the US military announced: "Two Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers were killed when an improvised explosive device struck their vehicle during a patrol northwest of Baghdad March 22. Two Iraqi civilians were also killed in the attack. An MND-B Soldier was injured in the attack and was transported to a Coalition forces medical facility for treatment."

The deaths bring the number of US service members to die in Iraq since the start of the illegal war to 3996 -- four away from the 4,000 mark.

Nothing to show for it be an illegal war with no end point in sight. Sunday the US military trotted out the show ponies again in a Baghdad press briefing. Of the many ridiculous statements was the following:

Everyone knows that training is the only method to increase the combat capabilities of the troops, because without training, we cannot create a professional army in the field. Ever since the Iraqi Army was established and formed, our efforts were dedicated to training. Despite the challenges -- and that is despite the challenges and the fighting. We know that the operations in the field influence the training -- the training, and in some cases, the training -- or makes the training fast.

That ridiculous nonsense was, to give it an Iraqi face, from Hussein Dohy who is the "Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army for training and doctrine." Nearly four thousand US dead and five years later, close to two million Iraqis dead, and it was time to dance out the 'progress' on training.

There is no progress, there's never been any progress. The Iraqi military continues to have an incredibly high rate of desertion and a large number of thugs (whom deserters are more and more pointing to as one of the main reasons for desertions). They show no respect for human life, no respect for the press, and think nothing of aiming guns (for 'fun') at civilians and reporters. Nothing to show for it despite Dohy insisting, "At the beginning of the formation of the Iraqi Army, the main focus was on the essential training that will promote and enhance the battalions with good fighters to control the field."

The thugs are never going to bring democracy and they only succeed in running off the Iraqis who could improve the military. Five years later and the Iraqi military is still in the 'formation' process.

Puppet of the occupation Nouri al-Maliki is correct that the thugs of the "Awakening" Council are thugs but his concern isn't that they will turn the Iraqi military and police to more brutal practices, his concern is that those thugs will fight his thugs.

Five years later and Iraqi thugs fight it among each other still after having been elevated to positions by the US government to begin with. The brain drain didn't cause alarm as educated and trusted Iraqis fled their country. The refugee crisis, the largest in the world, didn't cause alarm. Both go to why Iraq still has no 'progress' and why Iraq will not. The US government installed and trained thugs.

And with the help of the Carr Center and it's counter-insurgency work, they continue to train the thugs on how to kill Iraqi civilians.

On Monday, they sent out a US General (the commander of Coalition Air Force Training Team), Robert R. Allardice to offer 'reflections' to the US press via a videolink from Iraq:

And if you think back to March of 2007, it was actually a pretty dangerous place in Iraq. The violence level was way up. In fact, when I showed up, the Iraqi Air Force was just barely starting their growth spurt. And I would tell you now -- report to you now that thanks to your United States Air Force, largely, with an infusion of about a total of 360 people and a lot of hard work on the Iraqi and Multinational Security Transition Corps here, we've actually seen the Iraqi Air Force grow significantly in the past 12 months.

Violence didn't stop. But apparently if all Iraqis leave the country except the thugs, that will be success. So ten years from now, Allardice may be able to again 'reflect' and claim that Iraq used to be 'a pretty dangerous place.' Of course, and this is al-Maliki's fear, the thugs would then begin fighting one another.

There is no 'win' in Iraq and that's why the likes of Sarah Sewall (Bambi advisor) and Samantha Power (former Bambi advisor) favor counter-insurgency. If the people can be terrorized, the two War Hawks believe, then 'calm' will come out of fear. For some strange reason, the people Bambi surrounds himself with are never reflective on who he is or the kind of president he would make. I suppose it's just him trying to have 'a dialogue' the same way it was when he put homophobes on stage?

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