Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another death announced

Radical Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has threatened to wage "open war" on the Baghdad government if it does not halt operations against his supporters.
Moqtada Sadr said he was giving the government a "last warning", and urged it to take "the path of peace".
His statement came as Iraqi troops, with US and UK support, clashed with his forces in Baghdad and the south.

The above is from the BBC's "Iraqi cleric threatens 'open war'." The assalt on Sadr City continues.

Meanwhile the US military announces: "A Multi-National Division -- North Soldier was killed when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated while Soldiers were conducting a patrol in the Salah ad-Din Province April 18." 4039 is the current total of US service members who have died in Iraq since the start of the illegal war.

Maria notes Howard Wolfson's "HUBdate: When the Going Gets Tough…" (

When the Going Gets Tough: In an interview yesterday, Hillary responded to Sen. Obama's complaints about the debate the other night "Having been inside the White House, I know the pressures inside the White House; I know how hard it is every single day. When the going gets tough you can't run away. And it’s going to be tough going to deal with these hard problems." Watch here.
Superdelegate Gains: Hillary received the endorsement of three superdelegates yesterday, including Congresswoman Betty Sutton (D-OH), and two prominent former NJ Governors Jim Florio and Brendan Byrne. Read
more and more.
Today on the Trail: Hillary continues barnstorming the Keystone State, hosting "Solutions for Pennsylvania" rallies in West Chester, West Lawn, York, California, and McKeesport.
Ending the War in Iraq: Yesterday, Former Vice Admiral and current Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA) and Rear Admiral David Stone highlighted Hillary’s commitment to ending the war in Iraq.
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An Evening with Dr. Maya Angelou: Yesterday, Hillary joined Dr. Maya Angelou before a crowd of 2,000 in Winston Salem, NC "talking informally about bridging inequalities in the 21st century, among other broad themes. Along the way, they also mixed in bits of policy issues from Clinton's presidential platform."
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Debate in the Hoosier State: Hillary is ready to debate Sen. Obama in the Hoosier State…Comm. Dir. Howard Wolfson: "There remain a good number of undecided voters and they want more information...If the American people are as engaged as they are and as interested as they are in this race and these issues, they deserve to have the candidates come before them and take tough questions."
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Making News In West Virginia: The campaign officially opens its Charleston, WV headquarters today with Brigadier General Jack Yeager. The campaign also plans to gear up for Early Vote in the state, which begins April 23.
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If You Read One Thing Today: "Obama's Secret Weapon: The Media"
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Good Wishes on Passover: Hillary offered greetings and good wishes to Jewish families around the world for a joyous Passover. Hag Sameach -- May this be a season of joy for all!
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Remember that Women's eNews reports it's co-sponsoring "a non partisan forum on the power of the women's vote at Bryn Mawr College, just outside Philadelphia" on Sunday. That will begin at one p.m. in the Thomas Great Hal. Kyle notes Glen Ford's "Tavis Smiley Seeks Relief from Crazed Obamites" (Black Agenda Report):

It is a measure of the irrationality of Obamamania that such a non-threatening personality as Tavis Smiley would become an early, high-profile victim of this strange, mass psychosis. Smiley was driven to quit his spot on radio's syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show by Obama zealots who have constituted themselves as a mob, sworn to eradicate from the Black public sphere all whose loyalties to the Great One are deemed questionable. The virtual stoning and exile from Black radio of Tavis Smiley is even more grotesque when it is remembered that, just a few years ago, only a handful among Obama's current legions of Black zealots had even heard of the Chicago politician. It seems like only yesterday that Tavis Smiley, the hyper-energetic Black information entrepreneur, appeared destined for permanent Black icon status, through his many radio, television and print media products. But Smiley violated the Obama mob's supreme commandment: Thou shalt not question Barack, period.
Specifically, Tavis challenged Obama's rationale for refusing to appear, for the second year in a row, at Smiley's "State of the Black Union" (SOBU) gathering in February. Obama claimed his time would be better spent campaigning in Texas and Ohio, where Hillary Clinton was the primary favorite. Clinton, on the other hand, accepted the invitation to speak to Smiley's celebrity guests and thousands-strong audience, in New Orleans. The previous year, Obama had chosen to announce his candidacy for president in Springfield, Illinois, on the same day as the SOBU event, in Hampton, Virginia. On both occasions, many suspected that Obama's race-neutral campaign's intention was to avoid association with Black-specific affairs, or to expose the candidate to questioning by Cornel West or other's among Smiley's loquacious stable of "leaders" and "thinkers."

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