Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Today the US military announced: "Two Multi-National Division -- North Soldiers were killed when their vehicle rolled onto its side during movement to a combat outpost in Salah ad Din Province, April 23. Another Soldier and one interpreter were injured in the incident and taken to Coalition force medical facilities for treatment." The deaths bring the total for the month to 38 and the total number of US service members killed in Iraq since the start of the illegal war to 4050.

The VA scandal was noted in the previous entry and it's getting less press attention today. Instead it's the nonsense of Petraeus which was the point in the nominations being announced yesterday. Nancy A. Youssef (McClatchy Newspapers) writes an embarrassing piece of garbage that appears to demonstrate yet again the failures of a journalism degree plan at universities across America. We'll skip the headline and stick with the nonsense Youssef pens. She writes that Gates "promoted his two top Iraqi commanders to lead U.S. military operations throught the Middle East." She writes Petraeus "was named head of U.S. Central Command" and Raymond Odierno "will become the new Iraq commander." She writes "The promotions are effective this fall, shortly after the surge is due to end in July." Do you see the problem? The average high schooler grasps what Youssef can't despite including a quote of Petraeus saying he's "proud to be nominated".

He was nominated so was Odierno. It's not a small point. Let's go slowly Nancy Youssef apparently doesn't understand American democracy. Gates didn't promote anyone. Gates can't promote the two to those positions. The White House is nominating the two and the Senate will confirm or deny the appointments.

Youssef's 'report' reads like an uninformed prediction and that also reflects poorly on McClatchy itself that they can't grasp the difference between someone being confirmed for a post and merely being nominated.

Youssef and McClatchy may very well feel it's a done deal and it may turn out to be one. But what's being offered today isn't reporting, it's predicting. As noted in yesterday's snapshot, Harry Reid's already making some skeptical noises. Whether the nominations go through or not, they are just that, nominations. McClatchy needs to do some remedial tutoring on the basics of how democracy works in the United States because this article should be ripped apart in every high school civics class today.

Both Gates and the White House were pushing yesterday for a speedy confirmation (""expeditiously" was the term used in both Gates' press conference and Dana Perino's indicating that was the agreed upon talking point), before Memorial Day, they were insisting. Until the confirmation takes place, the story is about two nominees -- a fact Youssef doesn't grasp. This is basic and in the press conference she's quoting from, this was also made known. How she missed it probably goes to a general studies degree plan calling itself "journalism."

Micah notes Howard Wolfson's "HUBdate: The Tide is Turning -- More People Have Voted For Hillary Than Any Other Candidate" (

More People Have Voted For Hillary Than Any Other Candidate: "After last night's decisive victory in Pennsylvania, more people have voted for Hillary than any other candidate, including Sen. Obama. Estimates vary slightly, but according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary has received 15,095,663 votes to Sen. Obama's 14,973,720, a margin of more than 120,000 votes. ABC News reported this morning that 'Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama' in the popular vote. This count includes certified vote totals in Florida and Michigan." Read more.
The Tide is Turning: "The voters in Pennsylvania have spoken. America is listening. And the tide is turning...Despite making an unprecedented financial investment in his Pennsylvania campaign, including millions on negative ads ...Sen. Obama again failed to win a state that will be vital to a Democratic victory in November."
Read more.
$$$: The campaign has raised more than $3.5 million since PA polls closed last night…last night’s fundraising total the was the strongest ever.
Fighting for You: In last night's victory speech, Hillary told voters, "I'm in this race to fight for you, to fight for everyone who has ever been counted out ...I need your help to continue this journey. This is your campaign and this is your victory tonight. Your support has meant the difference between winning and losing."
Watch here and read it here.
In Case You Missed It: The Washington Post reports that “unable once again to score a knockout, Sen. Barack Obama is likely to make his new negative tone even more negative.”
Read more.
Closing the Deal? The AP asks: "Why can't Barack Obama close the deal? ...Unfortunately for's a question that bears repeating...The loss, despite a massive cash infusion and robust campaign presence in the state, underscores the persistent problems he’s had winning over many of the voters who form the traditional Democratic party base." Read more.
On Tap: Hillary attends an event in Indianapolis, IN today...Tomorrow -- joined by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Hugh Shelton -- she returns to North Carolina for stops in Jacksonville, Fayetteville, and Asheville. On Friday and Saturday, Hillary campaigns in Indiana.
On the Air: In a new NC Ask Me ad, Hillary responds to veteran David Eichhorn from Hickory, NC: "It is one of the highest obligations of our president and Commander-in- Chief to take care of our veterans. We owe everything to those who have served us."
Watch it here... "Jobs," airing in IN, emphasizes that "the next president has to begin putting the American people first. Your jobs, your health care, your futures." Watch it here.

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