Friday, May 30, 2008

Barack did not apologize

Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign on Thursday was forced to again apologize for the remarks of a Chicago pastor and friend backing his candidacy who spoke from the pulpit of Obama's longtime South Side church.
In an Internet video recorded Sunday, Rev. Michael Pfleger, an outspoken activist Catholic priest, is seen mocking Sen. Hillary Clinton from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.
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The campaign said Pfleger stepped down several weeks ago from the campaign's Catholic Advisory Council.

The above is from John McCormick and Manya A. Brachear's "Obama again apologizes for a pastor's comments" (Chicago Tribune) about the latest hatest speech from the Barack Obama campaign. The article does note that Barack steered "at least $100,000" to Pfleger's own chapel of hate in 2001 -- that would be tax payer money. That's some wall between church and state, isn't it? $100,000 to a church. A church that already had a tax-free status. Maybe after Trinity gets stripped of its tax-free status, the IRS can look into Pfleger's Chapel of Hate.

Barack won't call it out. The press will pretend he has but this is pure Obama campaign. They have never called out the sexism. Pfleger was part of the Obama campaign, he's know Barack for years, they go way back. What he said was perfectly in keeping with the same hate speech Jeremiah Wright expressed. Anyone loosely connected to the Hillary campaign mentions Barack's drug use (that Barack's written about in books and joked about on national television with Jay Leno) and the Barack campaign starts screaming for an apology from Hillary. But Barack never apologizes. And that's one more reason self-respecting women will not vote for him.

Pfleger got up on stage Sunday (last Sunday) and gave the McCain campaign yet another way to win if Barack's the nominee. Pfleger is a crackpot, an idiot, a hate monger and considering that all Barack's campaign has had to offer is false charages of "racism!" (Barack groupie Nancy Pelosi offered that this week to the San Francisco Chronicle and she needs to apologize publicly to the state of Kentucky for that), this video will not play well. The McCain camp will probably ignore the remarks on Hillary and zoom in on the effete and mincing White "Father Mike" condeming White people today (and confusing today's generation with ancestors -- listen to the video, the man can't even construct a bad logical argument, even defining his own terms he mixes everything up) and the reaction from Barack's church of 20 years. The congregation going wild over this crap.

That crackpot congregation isn't acting any different than they normally do. Trinity's offered nothing but hate non-stop and Pfleger's little screed fit right in which is why it was so well received.

The Tribune does their usual nonsense (they are the ones who made Barack a US sentor with their smear campaigns on his opponents -- Democrats and Republicans) and offers up validation of crackpot Dwight Hopkins to defend Pfleger and, oh, by the way, Hopkins "attends Trinity". Can we get a member of Jonestown to defend Jim Jones next?

Pfleger served up hate and that's been at the core of the Obama campaign from day one. They can run to the Atlantic Monthly and insist that the magazine needs to probe Bill Clinton's sex life and then play innocent and demand that Michelle's off-limits. Barack can make sexist remarks and then pretend like he didn't say anything wrong. He can flip the bird while talking about Hillary while his supporters go wild, it can be captured on video and everyone's supposed to not call it out.

Barack has no 'hope' to offer, just more sleazy trash. And there's not a great deal of difference between the hate Pfleger spewed and the hate Barack's campaign and supporters spew on a daily basis. It's why Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, could make the laughable claim that there is no racism in San Francisco and then tar and feather Kentucky. That's what that crowd does. They point fingers at everyone but themselves. They traffic in hate non-stop and then try to pretend they took the high ground.

Forget Speaker of the House, when a member of the US Congress thinks, as Pelosi does, that just because they don't like election results they can tar a state as racist, there's a problem and the problem goes straight to the campaign of Barack Obama. Barack refuses to apologize for the sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton -- and they went public after Hillary's New Hampshire win when his campaign's Jesse Jackson Jr. went on MSNBC and tried to smear Hillary as vain (especially laughable coming from Fatty who went under the knife in 2004 to lose fifty pounds) and racist. They have done this over and over. And Barack's laughable statement that he's "been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that unites us" is more sloganeering from the tackiest of candidates who still thinks he can attack women (he attacked Alice Palmer all those years ago) and pretend like it didn't happen.

It has happened over and over. Pfleger is a lifelong friend of Barack's, they go back to 1995. Barack put Pfleger on his campaign. Pfleger's little performance is in keeping with Barack's disgusting tactics. Where is the apology to Hillary?

Like Bully Boy, he an never apologize and he can say he's wrong. And you better believe, if Obama's the nominee, the McCain campaign and its surrogates will include Pfleger in an advertisement. Again, they'll ignore the sexism. They'll probably go with a slogan like "Change? Or get Whitey?" imposed over Pfleger's remarks. Barack can't win a general election and the super delegates are starting to realize that. It's why Nancy Pelosi's in such a rush to break the rules and shut down the process. What needs to be happening with Nancy is she needs to apologize to the state of Kentucky and Steny Hoyer and others need to start considering whether it's time for Pelosi to step down as Speaker because the House leader of the Democratic Party cannot tar a state as racist (while laughably claiming that racism doesn't exist in San Francisco).

As Pelosi revealed Wednesday, if she doesn't thwart the process quickly, she can't. She has to attempt to subvert democracy because otherwise the convention gets to decide (as it should decide by the rules and bylaws). She's also aware of how much support among the super delegates for Barack has weakened and crackpot Pfleger's video only weakens it more.

The convention is where the nominee needs to be decided and if she interferes in the process and more videos pop up afterwards (Barack's probably too damaged to win a general election at this point), Democrats need to remember that she was the one who hijacked the party.

And if you start hearing nonsense that Pfleger's remarks are no big deal, remember that media told you Jeremiah Wright (the government started AIDS!) and his crackpot nonsense was no big deal as well. They told you that over and over. But polls found otherwise.

The lies start early today, if you pay attention. Barack, the Tribune tells you, apologized. But he didn't. If he dings your car in the parking lot and tells you, "I'm deeply disappointed your car was hit," that's not an apology. If Bully Boy stands before the White House and says, "I'm deeply disappointed in the Iraq War," that's not an apology (or an admission of guilt). Barack didn't apologize. He tries to play word games and that's what got him in trouble during the ABC debate that so enraged his Cult. Pfleger's little performance exhibits all the nastiness of his Cult and the reason for that is because "Father Mike" has been part of the Obama campaign and a long time buddy of Barack's.

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