Thursday, May 08, 2008

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A resolution that would have made Olympia a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants and war resisters died in a city council meeting.
No one moved to consider it at Tuesday's meeting.

The above is from The Olympian's "Olympia council ignores sanctuary city resolution." We may cover this more in the snapshot today but, for now, we'll just let it stand alone. Moving to Tina Susman's "U.S.-Iran talks impossible amid tensions, Iraq says" (Los Angeles Times):

Prospects for another round of talks between Iranian and U.S. officials soon appeared dead Wednesday after Iraq's foreign minister said tensions between Tehran and Washington made such a meeting impossible.
Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari's comments showed how sharply U.S.-Iranian relations have deteriorated over the issue of violence in Iraq, which appeared to be decreasing last fall, in the wake of fighting in Iraq between U.S.-led forces and Shiite Muslim militias.

And that's it. There was going to be more but there's an issue that will probably hit the e-mails later today. I keep getting calls from friends on it. If you hear about it and want to write, "Pull their link!" check out the links first. It's being pulled from all community sites immediately. (Except Marcia, who started her site after they'd already gone pathetic and never bothered to link to their nonsense.)

Marshall notes "HUBdate: The Path Foward" (

If You Watch One Thing Today: On CNN yesterday, Howard Wolfson described the path forward. Watch here.

Superdelegate Watch: Yesterday, Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina and Indiana Rep. Brad Ellsworth both announced their support for Hillary. Read more.

Previewing Today: Hillary hosts "Solutions for America" rallies in Charleston, WV, Sioux Falls, SD, and Central Point, OR.

I’ve Come Back: Last night, before "a crowd of 1,500 gathered at a 'Generations of Women for Hillary' event, Hillary said: "I've been counted out more than once. But thanks to all of you I've come back,....When I was counted out in New Hampshire, it was the women of New Hampshire who came back and said, 'No, she's not finished yet.' When I was counted out before Super Tuesday it was women from California to Massachusetts who came and said 'No, we're not finished yet.' When I was counted out before Ohio, before Indiana, we have always come back." Read more.

Shepherdstown, WV: Hillary spoke "before a charged and raucous crowd of about 350 people at Shepherd University" yesterday. At the event, Hillary said, "I'm staying in this race until there’s a nominee." Read more.

Making Her Presence Known in the Magic City (aka Billings, MT): "Montana for Hillary supporters opened their campaign office on Monday evening in downtown Billings and people gathered to rally and show support for the New York senator...'It's a real positive feeling here in Billings and around the state of Montana…People are very supportive of Hillary...she connects with them,'" said Yellowstone Country Commissioner Bill Kennedy. Read more.

GOTV in WV: Across West Virginia, elected leaders are joining volunteers in knocking on doors, making calls, and holding visibilities to get out the vote for Hillary. "If there was ever a critical time to vote in a primary election, this is it...The Mountain State has made the difference in choosing a President before and we can do it again by supporting Hillary Clinton," said Kent Carper, President of the Kanawha County Commission. Read more.

On Tap: Tomorrow, Hillary holds a campaign event in Portland, OR and will deliver remarks to the Kentucky Democratic Party dinner in Louisville, KY.

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