Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some people always have to lose

So many different kind of people
Trying to be the same
"No way," baby
He said
Baby there's no way

So the breakdown currently is 62,509,207 votes for Barack and 55,438,509 for McCain making it 349 electoral college votes for Barack and 147 for McCain. Not the blow out they wanted and not a landslide by any real definition of the word. It's not all that different from the election it resembles in so many ways, 1968's where Tricky Dick got 301 electoral votes and
Hubert Humphrey got 191.

As in that year, the presidency flipped parties. As in that election, an illegal war started by one party's president was turned over to another and continued.

Laurie Kellman (AP) notes in her election overview:

Exit polls showed that voters were deeply anxious about the economy and dissatisfied with President Bush. They haven't been thrilled by Democrats in Congress, either, largely because the new majority could not agree on how to end the Iraq war as promised.
Exit polling showed that the war remains unpopular, and distaste for the conflict helped Obama. Nearly two-thirds disapprove of the conflict, and that group overwhelmingly backed the Democrat.
But that issue faded this year. Politically, the economy was the number one issue with voters and nothing else came close, exit polls showed. That hurt McCain and trickled down-ballot, hurting some Republican candidates.

The Democratic Congress (2006 to 2008) couldn't end the illegal war and doesn't plan to now. Get used to it. Get used to more lies from them. More reasons they just can't -- though they really, really, really want to, honest! -- end the illegal war. Get used to them continuing to play dumb about what's going on.

It's not just that in two years they couldn't end the illegal (and highly unpopular) war they were elected to end, it's that they couldn't impeach the Bully Boy who leaves office with the lowest approval ratings in polling history. And they said that control of even one house would mean this amazing investigative power (as heads of committees) and what the hell have they done?

The only thing that there's been any improvement has to do with veterans care and that did not result from Congress. That resulted from the Washington Post (with their expose on Walter Reed) and CBS News (with their expose on the actual suicide rate as opposed to the number Veterans Affairs wanted to emphasize). There have been many for-show hearings but when did anything actually happen? Never. Not with Blackwater, not with anything. For-show hearings that resulted in nothing.

Oh, they grabbed some headlines, they just didn't do any actual work. The for-show Congress continues. The Dems didn't see the huge increase they wanted (and some races are still not called) but they got an increase.

In the process, the illegal war just got a little longer. President John McCain would have meant what passes for the left in this country could have been active and active from day one of the next adminsitration. President Barack Obama means more passes, more 'tingles,' more whores offering excuses and throwing hissy-fits when the Christ-child is expected to meet the same standards as any other adult.

The hallmark of this decade will not be the financial crisis. That's not saying that mess is over because it's not. But that's pointing out that the illegal war will be the hallmark. The Iraq War, more than any other event, will sum up this decade in the history books and it hits year six in March. The Katrina vanden Heuvels, the Matthew Rothschilds, the Amy Goodmans and all the other losers of Panhandle Media don't give a damn about ending the illegal war. Like the Democratic Party, they raked it in over the illegal war. It gave them a certain level of fame. And when it came down to actually have to do something, they moved on. But when they -- like Democrats -- could make some superficial remarks against the illegal war and get some loud cheers and applause, they were more than happy to ride it to what passed for fame.

And their failure to end the illegal war, their failure to build any serious opposition to the illegal war is the reason their broadcast audience and readership shrinks and shrinks. In 2003, they were posing as something they weren't -- independent and journalists.

They're just more hucksters trying to stick their hands down someone else's pocket to steal a wallet and their actions have prolonged the illegal war.

They're all failures. Abject failures who couldn't succeed at real jobs and couldn't even succeed in the fringe world of 'journalism via begging.'

Remember that a few didn't lie and they actually are journalists. The list includes: John Pilger, Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberley, Bruce Dixon, Paul Street, Chris Hedges, Joshua Frank and a few others.

So the war drags on for much longer as a result of liars tricking the American people into believing that Barack would end the illegal war. (Ten months! cried Tom Hayden. At the end of ten months, that would be November 1, 2009, start booing Tom Hayden in public and give the little nothing something to cry about.)

The War Hawk will be president and that's when every liar will have to answer and that will include one little liar who rode 2004 to greater fame by calling out their peers but, you'll note, despite tossing out that lecture in 2008, the liar did just as their peers did.

Caro at Make Them Accountable observes:

In 2000 and 2004, it was Republicans who used thuggery and hate to win the presidency. In 2008, it was Democrats.
Congratulations, Democrats, for a job well done.
And for setting back respect for women more than 50 years.
Bro's before ho's. You wanted it, you got it.
Now, we'll all have to live with it.

If we could start again
Well who knows
Have we really changed
Some say we have
Reflecting our past
Who can say
Who can say

2008 when Democrats truly became Republicans. It wasn't that difficult, just grab even more corporate money (and, in the process, destroy public financing) while knowing that the likes of Katty-van-van and Matty Roth would never, ever call you out or hold you to any standard of human decency. Democrats couldn't transform into Republicans without Panhandle Media agreeing not to hold them accountable.

Races are run
Some people win
Some people always have to lose

And the losers are the American people and the Iraqi people. Don't forget Afghanistan where War Hawk Barack will oversea the deaths of even more people than did the Bully Boy. Don't forget AFRICOM. Don't forget that the Cult of Barack wants war in Sudan. And don't forget that it took a Democrat (Jimmy Carter) to bring back registration for the draft.

Lyrics are "Races are run" off Buckingham & Nicks (Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham).
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