Saturday, December 27, 2008

At least 24 dead in Baghdad bombing

Usama Redha and Ned Parker offer "Car bomb in affluent Baghdad neighborhood kills at least 22" (Los Angeles Times) which, despite the headline, tells you there have been "up to 24" deaths (forty-six more wounded): "A mini-bus laden with explosives ripped the Kadhimiya neighborhood by Zahra square, which hosts a market and bus stop, police said. Women and children were walking in the area at the time of the attack. BBC puts the number wounded at fifty-four.

And update to the last entry, apparently Iraqi police fed the name Emad Ahmed Ferhan to the press because they shot him dead already. Reuters reports: "Police shot Imad Ahmed Farhan, described as a leader of the Islamic State in Iraq, a Sunni Islamist group linked to al Qaeda, after surrounding a house where he was holed up in the city of Ramadi, said Major-General Tareq Yusuf, police commander for western Anbar province."

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